The Cross that enlightens the world, leads to the Victory

Our Lady says: «Bear in mind that cross that enlightens the world, the only light of death and resurrection». Every Christian identifies with this Symbol and exists in It. Every Christian exists in the Cross of Christ, that is live and holy. Christians embrace the cross with love, with devotion and infinite loyalty, to rise to a new Life, to be in Christ, for Christ and with Christ; and for the triumph of the Will of the Father that is manifested in His Son.

Those who are bearer of the name of Christ, of the Love of Christ, are Christ’s brothers and God’s children. Those who want to raise this Cross to win the world, are God’s children. Those who represent the Church of Christ are Christ’s brothers.

Those who annul their human nature to be the children of God, are Christ’s brothers. Those who live the sacrifice of death and resurrection of Christ, are Christ’s brothers. Those who converge in the love of Christ are Christ’s brothers.

This is the difference between those who want to live the Church and the Life of Christ, and many who have put the Life of Christ on the same level of other religious philosophies and humane policies and, consequently, are not brothers of Christ.

One is the Church of Christ: She who has remained faithful and represents true Christianity; She who manifests the true Spirit; She who manifests the Christian essence and substance; She who by means of the Immaculate Heart of Mary gave to the world the first fruit sent by the Father to redeem the sins of this world, proclaiming the name of the Son of God, the only begotten Son of God that, obedient to the Father’s Will, has taken upon Himself the sins of the world and has redeemed them with iron will, with live spirituality, bringing everyone to the Father, to give salvation to all people of goodwill and all believers in that Sacrifice that saves.

Sin is cancelled thanks to the sacrifice of Christ. All those who have believed, believe and will believe in the Sacrifice of the Son of God will receive the gift of eternal Life. Here is the Christian essence made of hospitality, but not of submissiveness; made by heart and not by appearance.

This is the universal language of Christ’s Church. Great are those who become small before the Master, to be raised by Him and become giants in faith, bearers of the Master’s word that crosses all boundaries to reach every heart.

More and more, the Church of Christ will blow and unlock all what others have blocked, so that the Holy Spirit may circulate between Hearts again, to lead all men and all women of goodwill to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Bride, Mother and Queen, Eternal Maiden, New Jerusalem, to be all together in Her Son, Christ the Lord.

This is the passion that animates God’s children. Not an empty silence in which to take refuge to manifest an only apparent bond with the sacrifice of the Son of God, but a throbbing heart that will never allow this sacrifice to be debased, forgotten, profaned, traded, or put on the same level of others.

Here is the voice of the authentic Christianity that will shout through the streets of the world, to make clear in which House and in which Church the Father’s Love Is, in contraposition to another house, another church where there is confusion and that is in the grip of vices. One, holy and universal is the Home where the Spirit of Christ dwells: the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem.