The Day in which christianity heals

Those who surrender to Christ, in Christ receive Life and the complete healing of the body and of the soul, for by surrendering to Him who is Life, the whole body reinvigorates and the soul and spirit return to live, to live Heavenliness: that holy oxygen that brings us again to be one with the Holy Spirit; the breath of Life: the yearning that makes hearts beat by a holy and live vigour transmitting to everyone holiness and sense of total belonging to the One who saves, to the One who heals, to the One who keeps His Promises, to the One who for His infinite Love wants the children of God and men and women of good-will to live in His divinity.

On May 19, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem celebrates the anniversary of the miraculous Healing of Maria Giuseppina Norcia. In this day of Feast, we celebrate the day of who, destined to perish, acknowledging Christ and relying on His care and His soft and candid hands, return to shine in Life, in the true Life. This is “The Day in which Christianity heals”.

Those who in Christ and for Christ and with Christ return to Life, must steadily keep control of the helm of their path, to distance temptations, to distance pitfalls, through prayer and firm and live will, repeating every day: «”Yes”, my Lord, “Yes” my Lord; “Yes”, my Lord: Do with me as You please». This is the key to expeditiously walk on the highroad; to overcome the world and its adulations; and so to win against the attack of those who would want to hinder our journey and to make us regress.

Here is that will and that courage to firmly restate our daily belonging to the One who IS, to the One who for His infinite love wants the Good of His children. Here is the true Father’s Mercy that, in conjunction with His children’s full will, makes hope become certainty. And as it has been said, that all in the moment in which faith is total, we may obtain everything.

This is how Christians’ life is: a life of those who belong to God’s Son; of those who always give priority to God: as Father, as Son and as Holy Spirit.

And when all this takes place, you feel the desire to donate even that freedom given in gift from the Father; and, on the example of Mary, the humble Handmaid become Mother, you’ll desire to become “servants” to be servitor of Him who IS. Here is how you should live the Master. Here is how you should live the Holy Spirit that animates the Master. Here is how you should live Christ, Way, Truth and Life.

Practicing all this, you do not feel resentment towards your brothers. Practicing all this you do not feel envy and jealousy, but you’ll seek only the true brotherhood. Practicing all this, the tempter can do nothing because the Holy Spirit dwells in your heart; and where there is the Holy Spirit, there can be no other spirit, because holiness is all around you. Practicing all this, in prayer and fraternal union, you face and overcome any trial that comes from the world. And life wins death.

Mary, the Mother Church, the New Jerusalem, on this day, holds every child tightly to Her Heart, so that this day may be a new day for all Christians and for all men and women of goodwill, so to continue to be alive, holy and obedient to God’s Word.