The Father raises His little ones and lowers the wiseacres

In this Land of Love, the Father holds His people tightly to His Heart: they are all those who arrive in the New Jerusalem giving all their love to the Father, to the Son, so to be filled with His Spirit, the Holy Spirit that nourishes their hearts and raises their spirits. In this Land of Love donated by the Father to His children, those that are the little, the simple and the distant ones, will be raised even more to the presence of the Father, for having let themselves be clothed by His Light.

Those who are full of presumption, those who seek refuge in tradition and all those who hide themselves behind the cloak of the iniquitous man and of iniquity, will be lowered, will be diminished in their being, and will be placed as a stool for God and His Children (Psalm 110:1).

Once again, in this Land of Love, the Holy Scriptures are fulfilled. Mary, She who is Mother, has betimes and over time prepared Her children, spreading the message of salvation that the Child God in the Land of Love has granted to all men and women of good will, to all those who submit to the Will of the Father with sincere love and obey Him with holy devotion. The Woman of God has prepared the heart of the people of God for the return of His Son. Again, humanity has let this message fall. A message that for many is misunderstood, for many is ridiculed, for many is unheeded. Now as then, a voice from the desert shouted to prepare the ways of the Lord.

Many have forgotten that in this Angle of Paradise donated by the Father to humanity, many are those who came back to Life. Many have heard with their ears and saw with their eyes, the graces that have been lavished by the Will of the Father in this Land of Love: physical, bodily and spiritual graces, to make all the world understand that in the New Jerusalem, in this Land of Love, in this Angle of Heaven donated by God to His children, only the Father has Authority, He and only He. No one has Authority except the Father. The Father and His Son, the only begotten Son of the Father.

All those who have forgotten all this, will be lowered in totality. All those who have abandoned after having heard, after having been nourished and having experienced the Father’s live presence, will now experience His Merciful Justice. The signs of the Father, given for Love, will now become signs of His Justice, so that the voice of the Woman of God, that was calling to holiness and inviting to recognize the coming of the Son of God, will turn back against those who haven’t known how to wait, to understand and espouse the Will of the Son of God. God’s Word will be understood in Its concreteness.

Honey will be given to God’s children, to His people, to all those who have remained faithful and already dwell by their heart in this Land of Love, so that this honey may be sweet and nourish their hearts. And the milk of the Mother of God will be given to them, because She has preserved It in this corner of Paradise to nourish in essence and substance all Her faithful children.

This humanity that is lost, will experience the aridity because it is deprived of the paternal protection. This lost humanity will succumb and its bowels will quake. A significant part of humanity will be swallowed because it is no longer allied with God, no longer belonging to the House with which the Father has established His Alliance: House of God, House of Baby Jesus, Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem.

Here it is that everything is being recapitulated, everything is being fulfilled and everything is won. God manifests His Thought and advances in His plan of salvation for humanity. And all those who will knock at the door of the Father’s House, animated by good-will and with sincerity of heart, will enter. The door will be opened, to allow them to take part and to live the Spirit of the Son of God, to take His hands and to approach the Heart of the Father, the Good and Merciful Father. For everyone else there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Mt 22: 13-14).