The Father’s intervention in history
and the decay of the church of Rome

God the Almighty Father is the One Who IS. The children of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, worship God the Almighty Father and worship His Son, the Only-begotten Son of the Father, Who, through the action of the Holy Spirit, penetrates their hearts and confirms His closeness and His live and total feeling of Love for His children. That feeling of Love animates every heart of good will, that are welcomed in this Land by Mary, Mother and faithful Bride to rediscover the true faithfulness in Christ the Lord and in all that belongs to the Father, and to rediscover the Spirituality, which intensifies the more the hearts are alive and totally predisposed.

People come in the New Jerusalem, the Land of Love that the Father donated to humanity, to discover, live and welcome the Christian message, the unique message of salvation for the whole world, the only lifeline to escape from a monotonous and anonymous life of total submission to a humanity that wants to humanize everything, moving God’s children away from the paternal teaching; a teaching that has come to all peoples through the Son of God.

The message of God’s Son is Universal: an original message that hearts must understand in order to live the only Path that leads to the Father’s Heart. A Path steeped of Spirituality, because through the action of the Holy Spirit, hearts may be shaken and clearly understand which is the Highroad, in the midst of many other wrong roads that do not lead to the true spirituality, but to a humanized spirituality, that puts man at the centre and, through the teaching of the man dressed in white, deceives the peoples, deceives the children, deceives all those who have not been able to keep the Flame of the Father’s Love alive. That Flame which for centuries the Father has fed with His signs given to the world: the messengers of the Father, who have spoken, who have admonished and prophesied.

The church of Rome, which ought to have been permanently in contact with the Father’s Spirit, has voluntarily wanted to turn‑off enthusiasm and interrupt the Heaven-Earth communication. For this reason, for human selfishness, for mere human interest, the church of Rome has wanted to declare the action of the Spirit of the Father in history concluded. For the church of Rome, the revelation is over. For the church of Rome, everything has remained as two thousand years ago. But the Father is alive. The Spirit of the Father is alive. And the Spirit of the Father speaks and manifests Himself in history. Whenever men welcome Him, everything moves forward. However, when it is men that voluntarily betray the Spirit of Truth, then it is the Father that advances. And the Father advances not according to what men think but according to His own Will. It is men who must adapt to the Father’s Will and Thought, not the opposite.

Here it is that, betimes, the Good, Holy and Right Father has looked to the heart of a Maiden, His faithful Handmaid; He looked at a “corner of Earth”, calling it “Heaven on Earth”, where the Father has fully put Himself, His essence and His substance, to defend the Truth, to defend what is Holy and what was to remain holy in another house. The church of Rome has betrayed the Spirit of the Father to worship another spirit that is not from God. The Father has personally intervened in history so that, in His children’s hearts, the belonging to the Holy Spirit, who is Father and Son, and is the substantial love of the Father and the Son, would not completely extinguish.

The Father’s Heart is manifested. The Motherly Heart has been prodigal, giving all Herself, so that the message of Love that comes from the New Jerusalem could expand and circulate again among the peoples. All those who now do not share, that hinder and want to stop the action of the Holy Spirit, do not come from the Father, but from the satanic action that seeks to stop and to extinguish the Father’s Flame, that burns in this Land of Love and in the heart of the Father’s children.


The satanic action seeks to obfuscate men’s consciences, making them believe to have humanity’s fate at heart. Here it is that the diabolic action is increasingly managing to get the theory of a “new humanism” accepted by men, a theory that aims to safeguard man and his alleged “rights”. Therefore, man and his thought is put at the centre, not God and His Thought. This is the subtle but unnoticeable action that the man dressed in white and his faithful ministers are carrying out in the church of Rome, leading men away from the true God, from Christ, from His true teachings and from the Treasure that the Father’s Spirit has placed in every heart.

Here is the intervention of God the Father in history, Who intervenes and will intervene in defence of His children, so that what has to arise, may more and more arise, in order to make people understand the Truth, the Only Truth, and where the Truth of the Father dwells: the Truth that intervenes and will intervene so that what is already putrid, may definitively fall, so that those who have voluntarily denied His Spirit will experience His hand that does not save but accelerates the destruction that is taking place. In the Church of Christ, the Courtyard of Rome will collapse.

There will be many who will be surprised by the decay of the Courtyard of Rome. There will be many who have trusted in the man dressed in white and who, for their sluggish compassion, will fall, along with his high-backed chair. They will understand what it means to fall; they will experience the pain of the fall; they will understand what they have put in place. They will be in the grip of their own deception. On one side, in the House, in the Church that belongs to the Father, the true harmony will be increasingly lived; on the other side, in the other house, in the church fallen prey of the diabolical spirit, the confusion will increasingly dominate. As prophesied, there will be no peace in that house, but more and more war: cardinals against cardinals, bishops against bishops, priests against priests.

Here is the constant perseverance of the man dressed in white to attract everyone to himself; his continuous work to keep everything and everyone under control, because spasmodic is his constant search for all the pretexts to deceive and to stand up as “the one who welcomes”, “the one who saves,” “the one who understands”. But now people begin to feel the earth that quakes and the discontent emerging in so many hearts. Here is his inability that returns, his not being able to handle situations.

When you are not animated by the spirit of brotherhood, by the Holy Spirit that unites and by His saving action, you lose concentration and everything collapses. When the key points of Christian doctrine are hit, then everything decays. Decline is taking place: in the values, in the example, in the words, in the gestures, in the facts. Here it is that in that house, in the church of Rome, nothing of Christian has remained.

The Rock will never fall, because it belongs to God. The Rock is God. Only from the Rock springs the living water that quenches peoples’ thirst, in the universality of the Church of Christ. With this awareness, the voice of this Church rises to appeal to the heart of all the children of God and of all men and women of good will. “Be faithful to the Spirit of the Father. Be animated by good-will. Make of the Will of the Father your daily path, in order to overcome every temptation, to distance every pitfall and to be always in the only Body that advances and will re‑establish order and holiness again: the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem that advances; the New Jerusalem that will distance those who are a burden; the New Jerusalem which will banish those who are not animated by the fraternal spirit; the New Jerusalem, in essence and substance, will defend, proclaim and will arise, to draw everyone closer and closer to Heaven. And Celestiality will pervade every heart“.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.