The Father’s Merciful Embrace
upon His Children in the Trial

Every real Christian, therefore child of God, finds strength in the Lord and in the Holy Spirit that proceeds from the Father and the Son. Only a total immersion in the Holy Spirit can give force and make us able to face trials without falling. In the trial, the more we expressly and voluntarily seek help, by the living will of the intimacy of our heart, the more we become strong. Christianity has won, wins and will win, because it possesses the Spirit of Him who Is: the Holy Spirit that unites and makes you feel as a family, as a community, as a togetherness of hearts. This is why the Holy Spirit wins. Human power can do nothing without the divine omnipotence. When human power and divine omnipotence are divided, the human power becomes powerlessness, because in front of the divine Will, everything will be extinguishing.

This arid and confused humanity, will more and more experience the estrangement from God, the estrangement from the divine Will, the loss of knowledge of spirituality and the separation from the Holy Spirit.

Those who are no longer animated by the Holy Spirit, pretending to be good, will try to persuade as many people as possible, in order to bring their action to fruition. For this reason, those who are animated by this thought, will be increasingly searching for human consensus, in order to appear as the saviours of humanity, as those who lead earth to peace, as those who distribute the Father’s mercy.

Christian resurgence started from the New Jerusalem, the White Island donated by the Father to preserve the purity of faith; a resurgence that everyone will increasingly experience and that is leading God’s children to the full knowledge of the Project of Salvation of the Father. The tempter well understands the action of the House of God and seeks to hinder its journey, but only to the point that the Father will allow it. For this reason, the children of God invoke the Father: «Father, the time has come: of the triumph and of the torment, of the trial and of the joy, of the defeat and of the victory, because many have betrayed Your Name, Your Heart, Your Call».

Only by experiencing the daily cross, the children of God continue to ascend. Through their sacrifice, by heart and will, the children of God going beyond every trial, will reach the victory. For this reason, many seeing the path of holiness as an unreachable aim and a huge trial, lose the way: because they do not have the skills and the will to face trials. Many others, instead, are approaching God for convenience, in order to easily win. Salvation is a conquest, it is an itinerary that must be faced and won, day after day. So as it was for the Son of God, so now it is for everyone who wants to win in His Name. And the Father’s help will never miss. The motherly care will never fail. Heaven’s abundance will never stop, the more vivid will be the holy determination to conquer the victory in the name of the One and Triune God.

This Mother Church manifests this intention and this will. A Church that does not distance Her children and that wants to take care of them, and that, as Mother, with true and deep awareness, wants to infuse the sense of a true responsibility in Her children’s hearts, so that in freedom each heart may comprehend, live, experience and win.

In doing so, each child of God is offering his daily living and his own life to the good and merciful Father, so to distance sin, to experience His mercy, and to live in His grace.