The Father’s Tabernacle

The New Jerusalem is the Home of the Father. The Altar of God is in this Land of Love chosen by the Father. In this Land of Love, God the Almighty Father has placed His live and holy Tabernacle.

All those who come before this Tabernacle with sincerity of heart, will receive the reward of the Father. This is what the Father has said to the Woman of God and this is what the Father’s Spirit reaffirms and wants to bring back to the hearts again.

All those who, in the presence of the Father’s Tabernacle of Love, ask with profound and faithful Allegiance, will receive His Grace.

All those who, in the presence of the Father’s Tabernacle, recognize themselves as sinners, will be purified by the Fire of His Love, that will infuse in their hearts the true sapience and the true knowledge of God the Almighty Father; and right from now they will obtain to take part in the promised Kingdom by means of the action of His Son’s Spirit, sent to sanctify all hearts again.

All those who, in the presence of the Tabernacle of the Father, will recognize Christ as the Son of God, will receive His Body and His Blood by means of His Spirit, thus to be united in the unique Mystical Body that is the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, wanted by the Father to bond all hearts of good will to His Good, Just, Holy and Merciful Heart.

The knowledge and the belonging to the One and Triune God, are alive in this Land of Love. The more there is an opening of hearts in approaching the Tabernacle of God, the more the Father’s Love will be poured into the hearts of His children and of those who are animated by good will.

In this Land of Love, font of the Holy Spirit, the Father lives, hears, looks, purifies, cleanses every stain when He sees clarity of heart, gratitude, respect and spontaneity in surrendering to His Will. In that moment the Father extends His hand to rise souls up to make them able to return to live a righteous and holy life that brings hearts to the Christian authenticity again and to rediscover the beauty of a Christianity free and lightened from all the weights that crush souls and make them slaves of many chains.

In this Land of Love chosen by the Father for the salvation of humanity, God frees hearts from every chain that humankind has established to enslave and to make them victims not of Christ’s Love but of an inconsistent and fickle love. To be victims of Christ’s Love means to receive Christ in heart and to be reborn to a new life. To be victims in the eyes of the world means to be saints for God.

From this Land of Love, the Father will restore every heart that has continued to believe, obey and abide by the Law of God, the commandments of the Father, His Will. He will give His children the perseverance of fighting to the end and to triumph together with Mary, the Mother Church, the New Jerusalem.

In this Valley, the children of Mary will triumph, because this Valley will be purified in its intimate. The falsehood that profanes the Valley chosen by the Father, will be cancelled because in this Land of Love the Father has established His live and holy Home in the Heart of a Maiden, who has welcomed the Son of God in Her Heart to renew this Land and to recommence from Here, so that Christianity might circulate in the world again.

The admonishment of the Father rises from this Land to distance all enemies. An admonishment of Love for those who, even in the last moment, will return to believe in the power of this Land; an admonishment of Justice for those who want, even more harshly, to rage against the Father’s House.

The Ark of the Father, the Ark of the New Covenant, will ferry every child who wants to live the Spirit of the New Jerusalem.