The Feast of the Saints of the New Jerusalem

All those who will open their hearts, will receive to acknowledge God’s Truth. All those who will open their hearts and question themselves in front of the living Tabernacle that in the New Jerusalem is, will receive the possibility to redeem their lives and will be taken by the hand, so to undertake the new path that leads to the live and true holiness. All those who, arriving in the New Jerusalem, will feel in their heart to be in the Garden of God and, as result of this, will start to live holiness, will receive eternal Life. All those who love, defend and live the New Jerusalem, will be allowed to sit at the eternal banquet together with the King.

To all those who live in the “Jerusalem that has denied God”, the “Old Jerusalem”, the “Jerusalem” still anchored to a past tradition, will not be allowed to listen to the feast that is alive beyond the walls, the feast of the saints that is taking place in the “New Jerusalem”.

These words are taking place. These words are being fulfilled so that everyone may understand, feel and see the essence of the Son of God and the omnipotence of God the Father.

Hymns of joy will be heard in the New Jerusalem. The prayer in the New Jerusalem is alive and uninterrupted. Life is in the New Jerusalem. All those who have donated their life, their heart, living to give glory to the New Jerusalem, will receive by the Father the abundant graces that He, the Good and Righteous, Merciful and Holy Father, lavishes.

In this Vineyard, the true service is given to the only God: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. It is in this Vineyard, that the work of the sons is welcomed and understood. It is in this Vineyard, that there is true relationship between the sons and the Father, between the Father and the sons, and between the brothers. This is the True Love: this free exchange of Love from heart to heart, to receive in gift the reward from the Father: eternity.

This is the promise made by the Father to the Son: “Anyone who will declare himself for the Son in the presence of human beings, the Son will declare Himself for him in the presence of His Father” (Mt 10,32). And the Father knows His Son (Jn 10: 15).

The Son said this by the will of the Father. And again, the live Spirit of the Son invites all the sons of God to love, to defend and to proclaim the Name of God, the Father Almighty. And the names of the sons who will love, defend and proclaim the Father’s name, will be written in the Book of Life.

Here are the saints of God: all those who are peacemakers, and work for a true brotherhood, for an essential and substantial Christianity. They will make understood what the true service is; what true love is and what animates their hearts; they will make Christianity shine and acknowledged, that now is undermined at the hands of many that want it to be oppressed, watered down and forgotten, so to confuse Christianity with other realities that are not from God.

Mary has betimes prepared the hearts of Her sons so that the deception would not enter and penetrate their hearts. God’s sons are now called to be the fiery torches of the One Truth that burns in their heart, that enlightens the hearts and makes them free. Christ Way, Christ Truth and Christ Life. God’s sons will allow everyone to understand the subtle deception that the wicked man is carrying out, confusing the hearts of Christians with words of goodism but empty of Christian Truth.  

«Rise, sons of God; and be example of righteousness and loving obedience. Spread the holiness you breathe in the New Jerusalem. Spread to everyone your will to remain faithful to the words of the one Master, so that the world of goodwill may attain salvation. Rejoice and sing, sons of God, because yours is the Truth, because yours are the Wisdom and the Sapience, that in this Land of Love permeate the hearts and make them live, holy and truthful».

This means to be holy, and to want to be holy, to live the communion of all saints. Defending the Christianity, in its essence and in its substance, so to fulfil the project of Salvation wanted by the Father, for the triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart, and of His faithful sons and of all people of good will.