The fruits of Love of the New Jerusalem

The New Jerusalem, the Land of Love chosen by the Father for the salvation of humanity, is bearing and will ever more bear fruit. More and more these fruits will multiply so to glorify the Father and the Son, so that these fruits may testify, with their own lives, the spousal union in Christ the Lord, living Bread descended from Heaven to nourish all the peoples.

In this Land of Love, the Life is, the Family is.

«Children of God! Fruit of the Father’s Love. Spread your love, spread the love that Here you have found. Spread, so to purify other hearts and to be nourished by this live and intense Love. This Love is prepared for receiving and announcing to everyone that Here, in this White Island, in this Church, the children of God daily renew their eternal “yes” to the Father’s Will, to His Call, to the Love that is alive, holy and spousal, and that in God’s Son is Person».

This Church will triumph through the live Love of Mary and the final perseverance of every child of God. The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem will restore order and discipline, holiness and Truth, in this Land and in every single corner, so that the world may experience the living presence of the Spirit of God. And many will exult at His signs. And the echo of these signs will reach every corner of the world, so that the name of God and His omnipotence may draw souls and hearts closer so to eradicate them from the hands of the evil one.

Every day the Heart of Mary is filled with the love of Her children. For the Love that the hearts of the children have for Mary, She pours upon them Her infinite maternity, Her live Love and Her uninterrupted closeness. Mary is alive. And Her Immaculate Heart lives for the triumph of Her children and of this pure and holy Mystery of Love, wanted by the Father for Love of His children. This is what the children of the New Jerusalem and all the other men and women of good‑will must understand: the purity of this Love, the purity of this House, the purity of the Spirit that animates the hearts and makes them all live one only brotherhood and to be one only Family, that recognizes itself in the Church of Christ, as His Body, His Heart, His will.

From feast to feast, this House will make everyone feel, taste and savour, the living joy of being children of this Land of Love, Land of Love, Land of Love. All what the world is trampling on, will be brought to splendour by this Church. Where the world does not understand, the children of God will convey their essence and their substance.

The feast of Mary Mother Church and of Her children, will increasingly strike all what is putrid, that will consequently fall.

Here is the New Jerusalem, adorned for Her Bridegroom. And She will win and triumph in the union with Her Bridegroom. And Peace will be stable on Earth. This is what the Father has promised to the Woman of God and what the children of this Land believe in and live for, to give others a better world.