The Holy Order of the Father’s House

In the hearts of His children, God the Father wants to engrave His live Will: the will to win, the will to advance, the will to continue, so that this humanity may be liberated from the slavery that the world is increasingly manifesting towards those who are weak, so to enchain their hearts and make them defenceless. The Holy Spirit blows in the Father’s House to restore the holy order that bears fruit in abundance.

The Father’s House is a sign of reconciliation and is a sign of discord for many. The reconciliation with the Father is dictated by the individual repentance of each heart that approaches the Father’s House that is among the people. Thanks to the action of the Holy Spirit that floods the hearts with Love, the Father espouses that repentance and makes hearts return on the straight path, on the main road, where to meet the Master and to go back to being pupils at His school, that brings everyone to the live and direct knowledge of the Father.

For many, this action has been interrupted because of the barriers in their hearts and because of their will to not understand, and because they have put their human will before the divine will (that is manifested by giving priority to all what is “heart”). For many others, this action has never been known because it has been made invisible by the intervention of those who have shown a manipulated truth for pure propaganda.

The world considers to be in search of the truth: the plain and only human truth that makes the body free, but the heart slave. And here are the vices and the pure human necessities that bring disorder and desertification in the soul. There are so many hearts that, having tasted the Truth of God, have then freely and autonomously decided to go back, to flee, because the Truth of God is uncomfortable and uncovers the egoistic will of one’s “self” that clashes with God’s Truth.

God’s Truth is the help in growing, in understanding, and in rediscovering to be true children of God. God’s Truth makes us free from the slavery of sin and the vices of the world. God’s Truth cannot be relative but is unambiguous and absolute. «Yes, yes» and «no, no», for the rest comes from the evil one (Mt 5,37).

The Father intervenes through His signs in the history of humanity to recall His children to the holy order, so that they and all those who are animated by good‑will may rediscover where the Truth of God is, where the true faith is, where the Holy Spirit’s action that saves is alive and where the breath of the Holy Spirit is alive, that is balm for the soul, that reinvigorates the hearts and makes everyone live a particular, direct, pure and holy sonship.

The Father’s intervention in history makes it clear that it will not be long before humanity will find itself in an abyss without end: this abyss, that is conducted and caused by the courtyard of Rome, will be increasingly enlarged and will lead many hearts to perdition and to lose the faith, because finding themselves faced with what was breathlessly concealed, they will find themselves in the deepest agony. The scandals will be manifested and will no longer be kept hidden. These are the last moments before succumbing. Rome has lost faith and what is putrid, will definitively fall. Day after day, the boat will sink ever more, and day after day the Ark wanted by the Father will advance, to lead to salvation the children of God and all men and women of good will.

All those who persist in fighting the Father’s Plan of Salvation, will find themselves fighting against God. Their days will be horrible. For them, even the most pure cotton-wool will become hard and not soft as it was, because it will not cushion any more, and many will no longer be protected but will find themselves discovered in their deception and error and their heart will be in the grip of an endless delirium because they have fought against the divine Will. Those who have filled their heart with falsehoods and lies will cry for sorrow but their screams will not be heard by the Father and everything will plummet. Those who are near, will lose everything and will be moved away and those who are now far from Here, will receive their own personal Call so to live the Father’s House.

The union, the harmony, the brotherhood and the holiness are and will be increasingly alive in the House of the Father. The total cohesion of heart, of soul and of spirit and the total surrender to the paternal Will, are and will be increasingly alive Here. In the Universal Christian Church of New Jerusalem, the Father’s action is alive and concrete. The children who will remain faithful with “heart” and “will” to the Father’s Will, will advance. Those who voluntarily want to separate themselves from the Love of the Father will experience the desert of heart.

The Spirit of the Father expands the hearts of God’s children who are in harmony with the teachings of His Son, and will make God’s Word proclaimed and announced, understood and loved. The world lives in a distorted truth, in its own convinced truth. In this human truth, there is no faith, there is no union, there is no order but only disorder and pride are reigning.

In the Father’s House, the holy order reigns and makes people true children of God, in simplicity, in the holy equilibrium and in the live loyalty to the authentic Christian teachings and in the only Truth that saves: Christ, the Saviour, the Master. This Truth is Absolute and not relative. This Truth makes people comprehend and love the universal and catholic God that has placed His Home in the Land of Love, in the White Island, where the purity of the only faith that saves will be preserved and defended: the faith in Jesus, the Christ.