The imprint of the true God

On the day of the Lord, the Presence of God’s Spirit is alive in the Church of Christ.

On the day of the Lord, the grace of Mary, Mother Church, gives Love, the true Love, harmony and serenity to the heart of God’s sons, in order to transmit the harmony of this House and to allow everyone to live the true brotherhood.

The Flame of God burns in the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, the living Tabernacle of God among the people, to manifest the Father’s living presence in this Land. The Flame of the Father warms the hearts, purifies and makes every heart animated by goodwill understand the Christian authenticity, the authenticity in the only God, who sent His Son for Love.

Here the Father’s Love is poured over His sons. A true, pure, holy, tangible Love for those who abandon themselves and let themselves permeate by His live balm, so that every heart may recognize the imprint of the true God: a live imprint, the live imprint that no one can ever delete.

This imprint (Hebrews 1, 3-4) is the Sign of God’s presence and of the Covenant established by God with this House, that is One, Holy and Universal.

Again, David will defeat Goliath (1Sam 17: 48-51), for the wisdom of God is in the small ones; the fear of God is in the humble ones; and in their actions there is the hand of the Son of God.

Day after day, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem will make the Truth understood. Day after day, the conflicts and the disequilibrium of the world will melt before the holiness, the order and the equilibrium that come from God, the Almighty Father.

In the House of God’s sons, the Holy Spirit blows, is alive and advances.

Mary, the Universal Mother, the Queen of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem gives Her Heart, Her live prayer, Her immense Love to all the sons of God who, following the Star, will “come and see” (Jn 1, 39) in order to live God, in Spirit and Truth, so that by adoring Baby Jesus, who in the Little Cradle is alive, many may in time recognize the deceit of another house, which, being deprived of the Holy Spirit by the Father, no longer leads Christians to salvation.

Recognizing the live imprint, the Sign that the Father through His Son has given to humanity, the true sons of God live for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to bring to completion the Salvation Project of the Father, which in Mary, Mother Church, Faithful Bride, is fulfilled.