The live action of the Holy Spirit
in the Church of Christ


The Holy Spirit, who is present in the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, walks with His sons in this live and holy journey, in this time when holiness is manifested and will ever more be manifested; in this time when hearts are to see and will increasingly see the holiness of the Father’s House, of His live action and of His authenticity.

This House will always continue to affirm the Christian roots that are in the hearts of God’s sons. This House will always continue to affirm the Christian tradition, that is the authentic, essential and substantial tradition that brings Her sons to the direct knowledge of the pure Christianity, rooted in in the Heart of the Father who sent His Son to sanctify the hearts and to bring them back once again to the Father’s closeness.

Once back again, with the help of the action of the Holy Spirit, the well-disposed hearts and all those who will want to understand the Truth, will have the opportunity to discern the authentic and essential action that brings everyone back to the originality of the Spirit, who is the essence and substance of the Father’s Thought. This is what the hearts must understand. The original thought that comes from the Heart of the Father, that continues and will continue against every adversity and against every human thought.

By means of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Courtyard of the New Jerusalem has always defended and will defend the purity of faith, the purity of the action of the Holy Spirit, who brings all back to the only Way: Christ; to the only Truth: Christ; so to contemplate the Life: Christ. All what others have put as superfluous adornment to the action of the Spirit, is cut off and will be cut off, because it has all been done to confuse consciences and to not permit the hearts to understand the importance of the filial relationship between the Father and the sons, so to comprehend the Son, and to be sons in the only begotten Son of God.

«You, Babylon, (Rev. 17: 1-7) that are on the doorstep and do not notice and do not want anybody to notice the victims that have fallen, fall and will fall by your hand, – for the evil actions and the contorted thoughts that you want to impress in the hearts of the sons who are still standing – you will perish in front of all this. The doors of the Father’s House are closing. Behind your doors, lamentations will be heard. And by the work of the Holy Spirit, those laments and those scenes will be visible so that you will remain naked and your nakedness will be seen, so that the people, the hearts and the sons of the Father may repent and understand what you really are».

The Holy Spirit blows and will blow even more in the Church of Christ. The Holy Spirit, will make grow in the heart of many, a live fidelity, a profound loyalty, a maternal loyalty, which will make His sons stand up even more in the defence and in the acknowledgment of the Courtyard of the holy Jerusalem, the only Courtyard where holiness inhabits. This was in the Father’s thought, this is in the Son’s thought, this is in the action of the Holy Spirit.

Nothing can be done against the action of the Holy Spirit. The past times have taught nothing, because this humanity has become arid: it has increasingly wandered away from the straight path and has increasingly lost touch, at the hand of who should have had to strengthen the relationship with the Father, but has preferred to cultivate relationships with the world so to be queen (Rev. 18: 7b) of a perverse world.

«Your garments are blood-stained: but not of the blood of Christ’s passion, that leads to the victory, that leads to resurrection, to the eternal resurrection; but of the blood of the sons of God (Rev. 17: 6), and of those who animated by goodwill, wanted to live a genuine, live and holy spirituality. But by the hands of your ministers, all this has been committed, by silencing both spiritually and physically, those who were descrying beyond your doors».

«The garments of the sons of Jerusalem are white (Rev. 7: 9-14). In their hearts, they have the seal of the living God (Rev. 3:12). In their hearts, there are all those who have given their life for the fulfilment of the Father’s Project. In their hearts, all that has been written and all that was to be accomplished, is alive. In their hearts, in the sons of the heavenly Jerusalem (Rev. 21: 2), all this is alive, because it is not something that has been fulfilled but that is now being fulfilled».

«Nothing you can do, Babylon, in front of the live action of the Holy Spirit, that in the Saviour continues, proceeds and comes. He will face you, unsheathing the Path that is in the sword of God’s Son (Rev. 1:16), and will lead His sons so that all of them will be guided to live the salvation and the victory in Baby Jesus. The Holy Spirit will fight you and will strike you, not to hurt you but to win you (Rev. 18: 2)».

«This is the Spirit that animates the Church of Christ. This is the Holy Spirit that lives, that blows, that is: in the holy, obedient and righteous sons (Rev. 14:12) ».