The live action of the Holy Spirit
in the Church of Christ


The Holy Spirit, the Substantial Love of the Father and the Son, is. The Holy Spirit, which proceeds from the Father and the Son, is alive in the Universal Christian Church. And He manifests Himself in Spirit and Truth (Joh 4:24) to the sons of God, to the worshippers of the true God, Good and Just, Merciful and Holy Father.

In these hard and difficult times, in which humanity is arid and lost, the Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father and the Son in the Light of Christ, invites all the hearts to the live and holy repentance so that they can discern the Way of salvation from the way of perdition, on which the iniquity is leading many hearts that, without experiencing the heat of the Flame of the Father’s Love, have become cold and lukewarm (Rev. 3:16) and are thus insensitive to the live action of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit rises from death all those who allow the Light of Christ to enlighten their hearts so to make them worthy to partake in His day, and in the rising Sun (Luk 1:78) that will never again set. In the New Jerusalem, in Her live Spirit, the holy union of hearts and the union between Heaven and Earth make all God’s sons be one Body, the mystical Body of Christ, whose limbs beat in unison to win. This is the true Life that Christendom wants to wave, so that the flag of Christ, with all His sons, may make everyone live a Mass of glory and of eternal resurrection.

The Holy Spirit disowns all those who live death and that dwell in death; He disowns all those who have closed their hearts to the Light, that is Christ; He disowns all those who for human prejudice don’t look beyond the shore, because they are now drifting away from the holy and live spirituality; He disowns those who no longer live Christ and His true teachings; He disowns those who have forsaken Christ and His Gospel, to lead everyone to live a human doctrine, full of human goodism but empty of authentic Christian spirituality, that has been sold off so to bring everyone into a blank world religion that is not from God.

The Holy Spirit takes the vitality away from those who do not care about the Father’s things, because they had disregard of the Father’s Vineyard with a conscious and diabolical will (Mat. 21: 33‑44).

The Holy Spirit enriches and will enrich with His gifts (Acts 19: 44-48a), all those who are animated by goodwill and that want and will want to experience all that the Father has wanted to manifest: His Church and the people chosen by the Him to make His Kingdom bear fruit (Mat. 21:43), so to give the opportunity to everyone to believe and live in the Church of Christ once again.

Those who have administered without care and holy attentiveness, the things of the Father, will fall even lower. The ministers of the courtyard of Rome will experience the live action of the Father’s Spirit. That house will live the darkest days as never before. The contrasts will be visible, and the discordant thoughts will even more lacerate the veil of secrecy and indecency that cover that house.

And all this will even more manifest the strength of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, which with force advances, which will manifest the primacy that the Father has conferred Her. His Spirit will swell Her sails and will lead Her sons on the straight path, so that the authenticity and the example of a live, righteous and holy Christianity may even more bring to triumph the only primary asset: God.

This is the Way, this is the journey, this is the advancement of the Holy Spirit against an evil spirit who has taken possession of a house, that before was but now no longer is.

«Sons of God! Advance in the true brotherhood and in the live prayer, in the only union wanted by the Father, that is manifested in Christ, the only Son of God».

To Christ, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, every honour and glory (2Pe 1,17; Rev. 7:12), for everything to be done, so that, – through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the totally pure, the totally beautiful, the humble faithful Handmaid, – the sons of God and the men and women of goodwill may live Christ and the true Christianity.