The living Flame of the Father’s Love is burning in the Land of the Covenant

In the Land of Love, the living Flame of the Father’s Love burns. In the New Jerusalem, the Land where the Father has established His Home among the people, the Flame of His Love is alive and burns all impurities and every sin, so to fulfil the requests of many hearts that, in the Shrine of the Divine Mercy of the Father, invoke His Forgiveness with profound sincerity. 

In this corner of Heaven among the people, the Father’s Flame manifests the Light of Christ and of the authentic Christianity that obscures the darkness and makes shine this Cradle of Love, the Land of the Covenant that the Father has renewed with His faithful children.

The Spirit of the Father will restore the order and the discipline in the Holy Valley where God’s Son has descended from Heaven, so that the authentic Christianity may more and more radiate from the centre of the Divine Mercy.

In this Land of Love, the Father rebuilds His Church. The Holy Spirit, which comes from the Father’s Heart, radiates the Light of Christ that will be Light for all peoples, so that all God’s children and all those who are animated by goodwill, may converge into the only people, that is the holy people of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, Mystical Body of Christ.

The promises of the Father are fulfilled. On one side, on the Lord’s day, the New Jerusalem celebrates and will celebrate the feast of the live holy people of God; on the other side, there is and there will be the collapse of the walls of the Palace of Rome, the spiritual collapse of its walls and its columns, because all what should collapse will collapse and what should rise will rise even more. This will make understood how the Father’s promises are fulfilling, not only in words but in the concreteness of God’s Word (Is 22; Ger. 50: 51; Rev. 18).

On the Lord’s day, day of Light, the living Flame of the Father’s Love, together with the Heart of Christ and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, wins the evil in many hearts. This is the freshness of faith that is expressed and manifested in this Land of Love.

The voice of the Father’s Spirit rises in the Holy Valley, to exhort those who are listening and to make them understand that the Flame of the Father’s Love is alive:
«Advance, all you who believe in Christ and in the true Christian teachings!
Advance, all you who in this Cradle have found your life!
Advance, all you who have met Mary, the faithful Handmaid!
Advance, all you because you have found grace in the Heart of the Father and have redeemed your life by the will to persevere in this true, true, true faith! »

«Foolish people are you who declare this Land of Love as invaded… from the world’s wastes!»
«Foolish people are you who have not learned what history taught!»
«Foolish people are you who do not know the words “heart” and “will”! Hard hearts! For your continuous perseverance in this foolishness, you will be overwhelmed by the Ark of the New Covenant and by the faith of this Island of Love».

Everything will have a total reversal. The New Jerusalem will be known for Her value: not for the splendour of human richness but for the splendour of the richness of the hearts that Here receive the Father’s abundance.

Here is the Holy Spirit, the action of the Spirit that many would like to cage and that, in this Island of Love, blows, animates hearts and engraves and writes in them the word God, God, God, the One and Triune God!

«May the spirit of the father be shield and protection for all you children of God! Be firm, against every temptation. Be constant in preserving in holiness. Look up to the Sky. There is the Sun. There is the Way. And Truth will make you free».
The words of the Father are fulfilling and those who have self-declared themselves as “stars”, now fall into the void (see Rev. 12:4). What first was the house of the Father, now is no longer and is becoming a desert; the House of the Children of God and of the Covenant with the Father, will be filled more and more. So be it.