The Love of Christ for all his Children

The closeness of Jesus to all His children, is alive. The love of Christ, for all His children, Is and always will be, for the will, the loyalty and the Love of God’s children towards this Church, House of God.

Christ gives the delights of His Heart to accomplish what is contained in the hearts of His children, so that the Father may accept every feeling, every thought, every suffering of the faithful of the Church of Christ in order to turn them into Joy.

The children of this Church, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, will continue to demonstrate their vitality, their being authentic Christians, their perseverance in faith, so that nobody will make them lose their faith in Christ, in Mary, in the Church of Christ, the only Way, the only Certitude, the only Salvation.

The living Love of Christ is for all His children. Jesus, God and Master, welcomes in His Heart every request of His faithful children. Jesus preserves in His Heart and offers His prayer, so that this Mother Church may win, this Mother Church may triumph, this Mother Church may make Her voice heard, Her Love and Her warmth felt, so that the Spirit that proceeds from the Father may make triumph the hearts faithful to Christ; and so that the Justice of God the Almighty Father is increasingly visible, as It was in the beginning.

The action of the Father will continue. His merciful justice will advance, to give light to the children of God and make draw back those who want the children faithful to Christ stumble, so that the world may see the Way, so that the world may welcome the Truth, so that the world may live the eternal Life.

This Church, Mother Church, Bride of the Most High, will never stop, will never draw back.

This Mother Church is with Her children, for Her children, with Her children. The Universal Christian Church of New Jerusalem will make Her Heart available, will provide Her maternity, will provide Her protection so that every child may feel himself at Home, can live the House, can be in the House of the Father.

The infinite mercy of the Father will hold all the children faithful to Christ tightly to His Heart, so that His Justice will annihilate the enemy, will destroy his plans and will make win those who always manifest faithfulness in Christ the Lord.

To the true children of God, the Joy, the Peace, the Love and the Sincerity, so that the sentiments of Christ and Mary are always alive in the hearts of the children faithful to Christ: those sentiments that make burn of Certitude and make live, in Her essence and Her substance, this Church, because when nothing else will be left in the world, there will be the abundance of the Father in this Church.

The people of God, the people faithful to the Father’s House, will make heard their voice, their presence, the beating of their heart, to manifest what this people have received from this House, from this Mother. The true children of God, remained faithful to Christ, will be true evidence of the holy fruits of this live Tree that gives Life and that repays every suffering, every sacrifice. Because nothing will be lost; but everything will be found in Christ, the One who is the Son of God.