The Marriage with Heaven of the Eternal Handmaid

«Rejoice, O Lord, for Her Heart: the Eternal Maiden is the Message of Love. She is the Pearl hidden from the wise men of the world, it is a great mystery of deep love».

The faithful people of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem sing this song on the Solemn day of May 15th, anniversary of the revelation of Our Lady of the New Jerusalem.

On this day in which we live the renewal of the Wedding with Heaven, of the Solemnity of Our Lady of the New Jerusalem, the faithful people of this holy Mother Church celebrate the Feast of the Heart. Who seeks refuge in the Eternal Maiden’s Heart, lives in the Father’s Heart. Who takes Her hand, has already started the way leading to the Father’s Heart.

Mary is the Handmaid of the Lord who has become Mother for giving all Herself, so that the Father’s Will could be accomplished and reach every heart animated by good‑will, that seeing the courage, the will and the holiness of Mary, have returned to live a daily life wanting to fulfil the Father’s Will.

The Feast of the Heart is the feast of the “yes” that every Christian wants to renew to the Father’s Heart, on this solemn and holy day, on the example of the Eternal Handmaid. True Christians, children of Mary, today want to renew their consecration to Her Immaculate Heart, proclaiming their “yes” to the Father’s Will. An alive, heartfelt, deep and sincere “yes” to Her who is Mother, Bride and Queen.

Every Christian, in the moment of the encounter with God’s Handmaid, in Spirit and Truth, recognizing Her as Mother, is called to live this metamorphosis. Her Heart, Light; Her Being, Light; Her holiness, Light for all peoples.

The candour of Mary, Her being Mother and Her purity have always manifested the Father’s essence, embodied in His Son, donated by Mary to bring every faithful heart back to the Courtyard of the Father: the Courtyard of the Father’s Love, the Courtyard where the purity of faith is alive, where holiness is palpable.

Mary, the sublime intention of the Father, the Masterpiece of the Father’s hand, His Work, the Most Pure, the Unblemished, She who donated all Herself asking nothing, She who with Her “yes” gave birth to the salvation of the world, allowing the Father to begin His Plan of Love and Redemption. Whoever wants to live Mary, relies on Her with deep love, with vivid Sincerity, to obtain Peace and Joy in front of Her Son, with Strength, with Sweetness, with Simplicity and with Humility, so to be Faithful.

On this day, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem renews Her consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that, on the example of the Eternal Handmaid, every faithful man and woman may offer their own life and their everyday living to God the Almighty Father.

«Mary, I consecrate myself to You, today and forever. In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit».