The meaning of the “Washing of the feet” of Jesus to His Apostles and the misleading teaching of the church of Rome

In the act of “Washing the feet”, Jesus washes the feet of the Apostles, of those who have followed and recognized Him as Christ and Master, abandoning everything that could separate them from the Love of their Lord. The Master, with the Washing of the feet, wanted to set an example of how to behave among brothers united in the only Mystical Body, which is Christ Eucharist, which is Church.

Christ, through the Eucharistic Mystery, gives Himself to allow everyone to be in His Mystical Body, in the only Church that saves, the Church of Christ. By the Washing of the feet, Jesus shows His Friends, the Apostles, the spirit of service that should animate His Church. A church in which we must serve our brothers, not to use them; without generating rivalries, jealousies, envies and resentments. In the Church of Christ, the spirit that should prevail is the spirit of service, not the spirit which leads to prevail over others.

Instead, the church of Rome is distorting the true meaning of the gestures made by the Master, in order to teach a new humanist doctrine that, in its essence and substance, is anti-Christian, because it deeply betrays the gestures and the authentic teachings of Jesus the Master.

Jesus, at the Last Supper, had not washed the feet of the poor and marginalized persons of that time or to prisoners or to those who profess another religion. Not even Mary, the Woman, the Sublime, the Blessed among all women, was present at that moment. Other times the Master had served the poor, the marginalized, the excluded. But the Master had another purpose in the Last Supper: to edify the Spirit of His Friends, His Brothers, of those who in the time should have brought the authentic Christian teachings to everyone.

The Church of Christ is based on the Spirit of the Master and on His authentic teachings. Where Christ’s Spirit is alive, the Master’s teachings are alive. But where the Holy Spirit is no longer, the Master’s teachings are emptied of their original meaning and are altered.

In the church of Rome, the deliberate apostasy of many of its ministers has denied the teachings of Christ. Every gesture is resubmitted in a human key and emptied of its substance and divine essence, to bring humanity to a new humanism that does not put Christ, the Man-God, at the centre just as the Salvific Plan of the Father wants, but a man, the roman pontiff and his associates. Bergoglio wants to bring man back to the centre, but without putting man near to God anymore. Here it is the deception.

In the Salvific Project of God, One and Triune, the Father sends His Son, Christ, so that every man and every woman may be raised and become as He is. In doing so, humankind, led by the Holy Spirit and by the teachings of Christ, true man and true God, may become as He is: many “little ones like Jesus”. In the Project of Salvation wanted by God the Almighty Father, salvation is fulfilled only in Christ and His Church. This is the true Christian Easter: to believe in His Son, to practice His teachings and to proselytize, so that all men and women of good will, believing in Christ, the only Saviour of the world, may receive from the Father the gift of eternal Life.