The Mother Church will never disown Christ
and will never abandon Her children

The Universal Christian Church will increasingly make Her voice heard.

The voice of this Mother Church will always proclaim the name of God, the only God, who sent His Son to save the world, to save this humanity, so that this humanity may recognize itself in the Immaculate Heart of Mary and so understand the Truth. This Mother Church will never deny Christ, the Son of God, and will never “mix” Christ with other religious philosophies that do not come from God. This Mother Church will never sell off the Sacrifice of the Son of God, which instead another house, that first was and now no longer is, has discarded and betrayed again, to worship foreign gods (Bar 6,3-5). In the Universal Christian Church, Christ is the Cornerstone (Mt 21,42).

The creed of this Mother Church will be increasingly heard and listened. And for many, it will be a praise; for others instead a burning fire (Nm. 16,35; Dt 9,21; Psalm 83,15-19; Psalm 97,3; Is 33,11-14; Ez. 15; 21; Joshua 7,15; Mt 13,40- 43; Jn. 15,6; Hebrews 12,29; Rev. 16,8-9; Rev. 18.8). This Mother Church believes and will lead all those yearning to find the straight Way, to believe in Christ, that brings to the only Father: God the Almighty Father.

This Mother Church will take the hand of all those who want to undertake and have already undertaken the path that leads to the Father’s Heart. This Mother Church does not leave Her sons’ hands: She upholds and firmly and tightly holds them, so that all those who want to remain connected to Christ, the only Salvation, the only Source of Life, may continue to live the authentic Christianity, the true doctrine and notice the deceit before it is too late.

The fragrance of this Mother Church, the sons’ desire to live the sanctity of this Mother Church, the praises that this Mother Church raises to God the Almighty Father, will cross every boundary. And for all the sons of God and for all men and women of good will, it will be the balm of the live and holy Love. The others will receive the condemnation of the Son of God (Mk 12.40; 16,15‑16; Jn 3,18; 12,48; 2Ts 2,11).

Many are and will be the fruits of this Mother Church, and they will fill the streets of this world and the Valley blessed by the Father, to proclaim their belonging to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that the New Jerusalem, the Holy City wanted by God among the people (Rev. 21,2), may be manifested in Her entirety.

Many will be wiped out like chaff in the wind (Psalm 1,4; Psalm 35,5; Psalm 83,14;) because they are workers of iniquity. Many will fall on their knees beating their chests, but there will be no escape for falsehood. They will see this Mother Church rise. They will see the judgment of this Mother Church. Whatever is omnipotent for the world, will fall (Rev. 18, 17.21‑24). And whatever is powerless for the world, will arise in glory and magnificence (Rev. 19,7-8; 21,2-4).

The light of this world ends. The Light of Christ stands, rises, cleanses, enlightens. Ferment for the Sons of God, enthusiasm for this Mother Church, inexhaustible Source of the Father’s Love.

«Sons of God! Your hands will touch the Father’s Love; you will be satiated and will enjoy His delights».

Every conquest is a feast for God’s people; every overcome trial is a victory for the sons of God.
«Sing and exult you all, for not having lost the certainty of God’s help».
«Sing and exult, you little ones, because in this Church you have found your grace».
«Sing and exult, for immense is your Treasure».