The Mother Church’s sons renew their “yes”
for the triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart

The essence of the Mother Church will penetrate the hearts and make the hearts of God’s sons alive, holy, and authentic christian. Through the union of hearts with the Heart of Christ, and by means of Mary’s Immaculate Heart, the fragrance of this Church will cross every boundary and will expand in the air, so that the hearts already prepared may welcome this scent of holiness that will make everyone understand the difference between the scent of God and the nausea of the world that has fallen prey to vices and subdued to a diabolical power.

The nausea of the world penetrates the hearts of those who are not awake, that are in the grip of chronic apathy. The nausea of ​​the world penetrates the hearts of those who are unable to understand, thus remaining anchored to a past tradition. The nausea of ​​the world penetrates the hearts of those who are lukewarm. The nausea of ​​the world penetrates the hearts of those who are irascible. The nausea of ​​the world penetrates the hearts of those who are full of themselves. The nausea of ​​the world penetrates the heart of those who are workers of iniquity, that make believe their work as true, masking and thus concealing the Truth, the only Truth that saves, the pure and holy Truth, who is Christ.

The fragrance of God and of holiness, pervades the souls and the hearts. And makes hearts clear, light and free to feel confident and to abandon themselves, in order to grow in the holy union with their brothers and with God.

This is the universal message of this Mother Church, that binds the hearts into a hug of love, that binds the hearts into a true brotherhood, and that binds the hearts with a sweet lace of love that Mary, the pure, the spotless, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, gives to every son yearning to be united to Her Heart. This is not a forced or a compulsory bond: it is a bond of spirit, from heart to heart, from soul to soul. It makes the heart free, the soul free and the spirit free. This is what binds the sanctity. This is the action of the Holy Spirit, that does not make anyone feel or be subjugated by a heavy yoke but makes them feel light and yearning to be filled with the Love of God, who is alive and true.

Here is the essential and substantial difference between those who live in holiness compared to those who practice holiness only in appearance. Appearance collapses. Appearance vanishes and will vanish more and more, to leave room for God’s concreteness.

All those who have never wanted to undertake the path of holiness for human prejudice; all those who have distanced themselves from holiness; and all those who have denied the Father’s action in this Mystery of Love, will experience the live action of the Holy Spirit.

«Go away, you all, workers of iniquity; you all, consecrated to a world that has lost God; you all, that with malice and awareness, for your convenience, are seeking salvation in a ruined house that collapses and will ever more collapse».

The Spirit of the Son of God, through the authority that the Father Almighty has entrusted Him, intervenes and will intervene, so that the Father’s action may be understood, may be put into effect and fulfilled. St. Michael, the Archangel, the Defender, the Head of the Celestial Militia, the Commander in Heaven of the Army of Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, is ready to intervene to defend all what belongs to God, and to fulfil the words of the Father and to make everyone understand what the criterion of judgment of the Father is.

The sons of this Mother Church renew their “yes” to Christ, the only Way who leads to salvation, the only source of Truth, the only eternal Life. And in the communion of hearts, united with the Saints and the Angels of Heaven, again they invoke the Father so that His Will may be fulfilled, now and forever.

The sons of God welcome in their heart. The sons of God, on the example of Mary, preserve everything in their hearts (Lk 2,19). And in the prayerful silence, they advance and in the fraternal prayer, they win.

The sons of the world are like cicadas, which lose their time singing and in the time, that is essential, they lose the way. This is the time of essentiality, so that the Will of the Father who is in Heaven, may be fulfilled and may be fulfilled now.

«Go ahead, Michael! Go ahead and win! Go ahead and make Mary’s Immaculate Heart triumph!». And so be it.