The New Jerusalem: Font of the Holy Spirit

The Father is near to His children to fill their hearts with His living and infinite Love that, from this House, this Church, this Cradle of Love, is radiating to arrive to the heart of every man and woman of good will, and to all those seeking the Son of God and the live paternity of God the Almighty Father.

In the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, that is the live Dwelling of God’s Love, the Father is waiting for every child yearning to know His Son, in the essence and substance. In this House, the purity of faith in God’s Son and in the Father, is alive and total. No stain and no obstacle stands between the Father and His children, between the Son and His children, between Mary and Her daughters, so that every son and every daughter may feel embraced by Their live, true and effective Love.

This is the New Jerusalem where the Love is alive, where the Holy Spirit, that originates from the Father’s Heart, comes and fills this Font of Love through the Son, to radiate the Light, the True Light to every heart: the Light of Christ, the Light that purifies, the Light that sanctifies and regenerates.

The New Jerusalem is the Font of the Holy Spirit. In this Font of the Holy Spirit, Life renews Itself. And in this renewal, the Holy Spirit is alive.

«Rejoice, children of God because it’s a feast, because in this House, in this Church, the feast is alive, total and uninterrupted. With the presence of God’s Son, in Spirit and Truth, every heart must live His feast, to participate and to co-participate in His Supper, where His Love, His Light and His living sacrifice are poured-out to renew every heart».

«Children of God! Quench your thirst at the Font of the Holy Spirit. Drink of His new divine wine because it’s a feast. The Bridegroom is alive and His Bride and His children drink His new wine to be nourished and regenerated».

«And you, Babylon: your fields will be dried up. You will face a severe water shortage, and you will never again produce fruit; and your fruit will rot. The essence of life will no longer be and your branches will shrivel. Arid is your land! No longer will the Father’s doves be, but the birds of death and terror will fly over you and will announce your death».