The New Jerusalem: Laver of souls

The New Jerusalem is God’s Dwelling Place among the people. In the New Jerusalem there is the Column of Light that unites Heaven and Earth. The New Jerusalem is the Corner of Paradise, donated by the Father to every man and woman of good will.

The Light that radiates from this House is the unmistakable sign of the Father’s Love, of His live presence and of His paternity. In this Land of Love, the Father donates His Love to bring hearts closer to the true Love and to the true teachings, so to make them rediscover the live and holy loyalty.

To be able to experience the Father’s Love, people must approach this living Tabernacle with humility of heart, and must unclothe themselves of their “self” so to be clothed by the Light of the Father discovering His infinite Love again. Only the true repentance of heart, allows the Father’s Love to penetrate and renew that heart. When this does not happen, God’s Love enters that heart but leaves no trace, because that heart has become sterile, incapable of welcoming, tasting and savouring His Love, but able only to reject It. It is like a good seed that, finding no fertile soil, cannot produce fruit (Mt 13,3-23; Mk 4: 3-20; Lk 8: 15-15).

Here is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that the Father effuses in the same measure to every child that approaches His House. Just as Jesus has revealed to the Woman of God, it is the opening and the predisposition of hearts that does the rest. Every child who admits to be a sinner and lets himself be washed by the live action of the Holy Spirit, returns to be a true child of God.

Here is the action that takes place in this House, in this Church. This is what many do not understand. This is the Laver of souls where they are purified by the action of the Holy Spirit to return to the true faith and recognize the true doctrine, Christ. These souls ask for His Bread, His Love and His closeness, so to receive in return strength, will and courage, in order to go forth and recommence a path of holiness, according to the Master Way and to the dictates of the Father’s Law which are at the basis of every Christian’s life.

The children are even more able to recognize sins that distance them from the Heart of God, and with full and total will, they live seeking to sin no more (see John 8:11). By doing so, everyone may experience the Christian authenticity and the infinite Mercy of God. The words revealed to the Woman of God are fulfilled: the New Jerusalem is the Holy Laver of souls, is the Center of the infinite Mercy of the Father.