The order and the harmony of the Father’s House

Those who have lost the stimulus of the life, of the true life in themselves, cannot understand the balm of the Father’s Love, and cannot understand the rectitude, the honesty and the brotherhood, that the world has completely lost. A world full of dishonesty and rivalry; a world that does not live the Law of God and the teachings of His Son anymore; a world that forgets all that the Son has fulfilled. By losing all this, it is not possible to live in harmony, but everything is lived with frenzy and without love.

This is what the Father will restore in this House, in this Church: order and harmony, so that all hearts who sincerely ask, will receive the enthusiasm of feeling loved by the Son of God, cuddled by the Mother, and consequently protagonists of the true Christian life.

In this Angle of Paradise there is no room for those who would want to live all what is lived in the world and its logic, thinking that they can live and apply it even in this Church. In this Angle of Heaven there is no room for those who want to live the relationship between brothers as lived in the world, because as Jesus said to the Woman of God: «Relationships between the brothers of the New Jerusalem are to be different from those of the world». This will make the House of the Father more and more glorious in Her originality, in Her Christian essence, bringing the values ​​that are of Christ and Mary back to the centre. This is being the Community of Christ. This is being the Assembly of the believers in Christ. This is being the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem.

Here is the challenge launched by the Father and the children of this House, in order to interrupt the long journey of another house, that a time was and that now no longer is, that has brought ruin to many hearts. The Father intensively lives all this. What is putrid, will fall and will no longer be. The courtyard of Rome has lost faith, and lives in fullness the apostasy and is bringing with deception many souls and hearts to live a new world religious philosophy that is not from God, and that will bring many souls and hearts to perdition.

In the hearts of the inhabitants of His House, in the hearts of His faithful children and of those who already dwell in the White Island with their heart, the Father daily infuses the deep and live sentiment of His House, of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, that summons Her children: She calls Her children so that each child may be a burning witness of the Christian virtues, so to win all those who do not love and do not want to love and are wanting to discredit the Project of Salvation of the Father, that in this House is fulfilling.

This Land of Love, this Valley, will be filled with a new harmony and a true brotherhood, so that mendacities and falsities will disappear, to leave room for holiness.

This is the live promise made by God to His children. This is His Will. Everything passes but God’s Word will not pass until it is fulfilled (Lk 21,33). And God’s Word will bear fruit in abundance, for His children and for all men and women of good will, that are seeking the Truth, that are seeking the Son of God, that are seeking the living Presence of the Father and of His live paternity, for He is Good and Just, Merciful and Holy.