The shout of love of the “Little remnant of Israel”

In the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, the Heart of God beats. A heart that reawakens the living and holy belonging to the One and Triune God in the heart of every child. In the Land of Love, given by the Father to humanity, the Name of God will be defended, proclaimed, loved and made loved. In the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, everyone will be invited to re-appreciate God’s Law, the Law that unites all men and women of goodwill to be true Christians and children of God again. The dignity of the House of God’s children will overpass all boundaries; the dignity of God’s children will be reborn, to never be trampled again.

The House of God, the Dwelling of God, the living Tabernacle of God, will tower upwards and will make succumb every other house that is no longer founded on the rock, Christ. The foundations of many houses will crumble. The houses of those who have disowned Christ, will be sucked into an endless abyss; and the inhabitants of those houses will perish and will lose eternal life, because they have given their earthly life to inequity.

For many hearts there will be a last moment to repent. Then the Father’s Face will disappear, because in this House the Christian doctrine will be defended, defended and loved, made known and appreciated in the essence and substance, because, in their freedom, God’s children have chosen to be with the Father, to practise His Law and to teach His sentiments that spring from the heart of God to fill the hearts of all those that, before Christ, the Son of God, want to bow and to be filled with His infinite Love, to recognize Mary and live their life in fullness.

The true children of God should not tremble when they will see the lightning of the Father befall on the unfaithful. The true children of God will have to remain upright when they will experience the earthquake of God (East 1:1d; Ez 38:19; Am 1:1, Zac 14:5; Mt 27:54; 28:2; Acts 16:26; Ap 6:12; 8:5; 11:13.19; 16:18). The true children of God will remain intact, the more their hearts will be turned towards the Father’s Heart. The true children of God at that time will not invoke the Mercy of the Father, but they will rely on His Merciful Justice, that will hit the detractors of God’s Truth, that will strike those who have distorted the words of the Lord, those who have taught a diabolical doctrine, those who have induced many to lose the right way. The Merciful Justice of the Father with a sure and neat way will hit those who have denied the Spirit of God (Mt 12:31 to 32), those that have caused the loss of the true faith in the hearts of so many.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, the House of God’s children, is arose on the rock: arises on the rock and will continue to arise, so that each child may arise and become flaming torches of Christ’s Love.

This is the resurgence of the children of God. This is the shout of Love of God’s people, the “Little remnant of Israel” (Is 4:3; 11:11.16; 37:4.32; Jer 23:3 to 6; 31:7; 50:20; Ez 2:,37; I 2:12-13; Sof 3:11 to 13; Zac 8:3 to 12; Rom 11:1 to 10), that lives the New Jerusalem, that has waited the New Jerusalem and proclaims the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2-4).

God the Father Almighty is at the side of His children. The Father is close to his children. The Father, with His children, undertakes this journey that will lead to the perdition of Rome, which will show to many hearts that have closed their eyes (Ps 69:24) the true abomination (Jer 2:7; Dn 9:27; 11:31 ; 12:11; Mal 2:10-12; Mt 24:15; Mk 13:14) that is concealed amid the walls of Rome.

The Father will drop every mask. The Father will remove the veil that covers many abominations, so that humankind can repent, so that Christian faith can receive lustre and light again; and proclaim His holiness.

The Father will manifest the bond that ties His heart to the hearts of His children, so that the world may believe in the living presence of God, One and Triune; so that the world, in Christ the Lord, can leave the wrong paths that lead away from the true Law, from the Love of God and what is holy; and so that many, experiencing the shake of the Love of Christ, can come back to live the true holiness and the only true religion, in Christ, with Christ and for Christ.