The Spirit of the risen Christ,
leads His sons to the Father’s Heart

The Spirit of the Risen Christ, the King of kings, animates His Church, the Church wanted by the Father, a Church that is alive, holy and universal, and that leads every man and woman of good will to the one Way, Christ, so to converge in the Heart of the Father: to gather every heart yearning to know the Truth, in this House, in this Land of Love, living Tabernacle, which radiates Light and holiness.

This House, this Church, unites the whole world in one only embrace, under one only Shepherd, the only Lord, the only Son of God, whose Spirit is alive: He has come from Heaven, in Spirit and Truth (Joh 14:16-17) to restore order on Earth again, to remove and to bare iniquity of all those who have administered the Father’s vineyard, consuming it in the intimate, consuming the teachings of the Father and of the Son. For them, there will be not the Father’s mercy but the Justice of the Son (Mar 3:29). The Spirit of Christ is alive in this Land of Love, given by the Father to His faithful sons: He has come from Heaven on Earth (Joh 16:6-8; 13-14) to give once again the only and true fatherhood back to each son and to make people aware of the Father and of His infinite Love. In this Land of Love, the Spirit of Christ is alive (Joh 14:26), to renew the universal message to every son and every creature, who, recognizing the Son, see the Father (Joh 14:9b-11) and recognize His fatherhood.

In this Land of Love, the Spirit that animates the sons of God, comes from the Father, proceeds in His Son and by means of the living action of the Holy Spirit, restores the essence and substance to Christendom, so to become pure, alive and practicable for everyone.

«Sons of God! Put Love in circulation. Spread Love. Live Love. Live the abundance of the Father’s Love, the Love that is Person in Christ, that, in His Spirit, totally gives Himself, with simplicity, so to make everyone understand the Life of God and His vitality».

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem welcomes under the mantle of Mary, the totally pure, the spotless, every son willing to know the right Way, which is Christ: to help many to find It again, making of It for everyone the right Path that, in the only Master, restores dignity to every heart, to make all understand the true, holy Covenant with the Father.

The live action of the Holy Spirit will touch every heart and will enter every heart: It will enter in every little glimmer of the hearts of His sons, well-disposed to His action, and in the hearts of all those animated by good will, to give to everyone the essence of that Love, true, pure, holy, which breaks every chain, every hesitation allowing hearts to fly: It melts, purifies and sanctifies.

This Mother Church makes Her voice heard, today and always, and it will be a warning to all those who have used God’s name to obtain human power, imposing a new slavery upon God’s sons.

«For all of you, worshippers of a false prophet (Mat 24:24; 2Th 2:3-4.9; Rev 16:13; 19:20)! For all of you, sons of iniquity! In this Mother Church, the world is united in the one and only embrace of Christ the Lord. The action of the Spirit will even more make all men of goodwill see and experience the ruin of the Courtyard of Rome, its sacrilege and its fragility».

«Rise, sons of God! And clothe yourself with the Light of Christ! Holy people of God! Praise your Lord! The Spirit of Christ, the Saviour of humanity, will lead every son and every man of good will to the Father’s Heart».

The sons live to honour the Heart of their Father: the Good and Holy, Merciful and Just Father. The Feast comes to life; the Feast of the sons of God and of every man and woman of good will who spiritually join the Spirit of the Risen Christ, comes to life so to receive the grace of the Father, His live Mercy and His infinite Love, that in Christ and in Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, is Life.