The submission to the will of the True God

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem will bring all back to the origin. In the moment in that everything is lived and practiced in the equilibrium that from God the Father was, is and will be manifested, everything will continue to be lived according to the Christian essence, without wanting to exacerbate or make personal changes to what the Spirit suggests.

It’s necessary to be first men and then Christians, true and authentic. The true and authentic Christian, identifies himself in his everyday life. The beloved children of God, those who are consecrated to Christ and are called by Christ to fulfil the difficult task to be His testimony, do not shrink from what is common to all nations. But by putting in practice the equilibrium and putting the family at the centre, the first Church, the first expression of the Christian church, they give themselves, carry out their duty, and bear witness to God in the fullness. In the moment that equilibrium reigns and the priority is the Call from God, all can be done, as long as, in the heart of God’s children, there will be living will and heart. Will and Heart.

«Love the Lord your God with your whole being, with all your strength, respecting His Law and being obedient to His Will, to be able to live in Christ, for Christ, with Christ; and welcome the Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father and the Son, who, in the maternal heart of Mary, brings and gives to everyone Life, One, Holy and Universal». This, in short, the credo of this Church.

This is to believe in Christ, to believe in the true God, One and Triune, expression of the essence and the substance of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is “Christocentric”: everything revolves around Christ. And His faithful Bride, the Church, the Holy Mother Church, New Jerusalem, welcomes every child that wants to live in Christ, and to practice and espouse the Will of the Father.

Doing so, means to practice the brotherhood.

Doing so, the prayer will be alive: the prayer that chases every impure thought away, the living prayer that chases every temptation away, the living prayer that draws each child closer to God. The power of prayer must be rediscovered, to win the world’s chains, to win against our “self”; and to commend, with loving obedience, to the Father’s Will, that through the Son, Christ the Saviour, is manifested.

«Yours is the glory, yours is the power for ever». (1Ch 29,11; Ps 96; Ps 145; Mt 24,30; Mk 13,26; Lk 21,27; 2Pt 1,3; Col 1,11 to 14; 2 Thess 1,9-10; Rev 1,6; 4,11; 5,12 to 13; 7,12; 19,1).

The submission to the Will of the true God has begun. The deniers of God will experience the justice of the Father. The true children of God and all people of good will, will be raised to the presence of the One who has created all things.