The thought and the attentiveness
of God’s children

Whoever opens his heart in the New Jerusalem, the Inexhaustible Source of the Father’s Love, will be satiated by the infinite Love of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, so that the sons of God may never lack of anything.

In the Land of Love donated by the Father to His sons, Christ clothes every son by His Light, so that the Light of Christ may radiate the world, purify the hearts, and clothe them by His Holiness and His infinite Love, so to be true and authentic Christians.

All those who come to the living Tabernacle yearning to be fed by the Love of Christ, will receive His live and holy Bread that fills the hearts, giving them inner peace.

There is loneliness through the streets of the world. There is no harmony, there is no hope. There is despair. The Light of Christ radiates through the streets of the New Jerusalem, to donate Peace, Love, Joy and Sincerity, so that everyone may live in the true brotherhood and recognize Christ as their Brother, their Master, their Lord.

The abundance of the Father is alive and holy in this Land of Love, where the hearts are regenerated and receive His abundance, in the measure that the abandonment of every son to the Will of the Father, will be. In the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, everyone is able to recognize Christ, true Man and true God, ready to spiritually feed every heart that wants to live in communion with the Son of God.

In this Mother Church, Love multiplies, for Here is the Inexhaustible Source of the Father’s Love. In the moment a heart donates its love, it will receive in turn the eternal, infinite, holy Love, that is Person. In front of the Tabernacle, everyone will receive the Bread, the live Bread, the holy Bread, the good Bread, donated through Love, with Love and for Love. Again, Christ, living Bread descent from Heaven, regenerates every heart that wants to live a righteous, holy and authentic Christianity.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is the bulwark of Christianity. This House is the bulwark of salvation. Through this House, Christendom can once again restore the holy order and bring the friendship with God in every corner of the Earth, so that every son of God may rediscover His paternity, His brotherhood and His inseparable bond of Father with every child. This House will counteract the action of the evil spirit that has taken possession of the hearts of many ministers of another house, that a time was but now no longer is, in which the anti-Christian spirit blows in the vain attempt to extinguish the burning Flame of the Father and to make the world forget the omnipotence of the Son.

From the Tabernacle of Love, the Spirit of the Son of God once again calls every brother and every sister to the inseparable union with Mary and with the Father, in order to make every heart live the holiness that will surmount every boundary. In this Land of Love, God gives to every heart, His smile and the smile of Mary, She who welcomes, cares and gives Her attentiveness of universal Mother to each son.

In this House, the thought and the attentiveness of the sons of God is for all those who live, hope and love Christ, in order to reach the full knowledge of the Father. The thought and the attentiveness of the sons of God is for all those who, albeit in suffering, remain faithful to the Word of the Master.

In this House, the thought and the attentiveness of the sons of God are for all those who are persecuted because of His Name, to all those who are persecuted for keeping the Flame of Christianity alive, that in the Truth and in Christ are manifested and alive. The abundance of God is and will be for all those who defend, love, live, and want to transmit the teachings of the authentic Christianity, which in the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem ARE.

In the Kingdom of God there is room for every son and every goodwill man and woman that want to take part in the banquet of the Father, He who in His omnipotence will appease the hunger of their hearts, and will give them the living Bread, Christ the Saviour and Messiah. The power, the glory and the holiness of the Church of Christ will increasingly be seen and loved, because they will bear fruit, not appearances.


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