Feast of the Father’s Heart

December 3rd 2017

Gospel: John 14,6-21
Homily of the Pontiff Samuel


This Church, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, on this day celebrates the Feast of the Father’s Heart. A Feast, for all Christians and for every man and woman of good will yearning to thank God the Father Almighty for everything He has given us. A Feast that concludes the liturgical year of the Church in the Father’s Heart, as well as the entire journey of the sons of God will end on the reaching the Father’s Heart. The Heart of the Father: beginning and end of all (Rev 1:8, 21:6, 22:13), so to live eternity (2Ti 1:9-10), as it was and is in the salvific Project of the Father, that only in Christ, with Christ and through Christ is fulfilled (Act 4:12, Rom 10:9).

The Good and Just Father, through the live action of His Spirit that dwells in this Tabernacle, wants in this day to engrave on and in the heart of us all, His sons, the seal of the living God (2Co 1:22), so that in this day, in this Land of Love, everyone may see and live the manifestation of His live fatherhood and of His live presence of the Good, Holy, Merciful and Just Father, so to give His embrace of Love, His live protection and His glance of Father, to His faithful sons.

In this Land of Love, in this Cradle of Love, Cradle of the Son of God, the Father welcomes every prayer that every son turns in this day to His Heart, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Eph 6:18). The Father seals and preserves these prayers so to make them alive.

Today is also a day of warning (Mal 2:1-9) for every enemy of God, for every enemy of God’s sons and for every enemy of every creature yearning to know the Truth, which only in the Son of God is manifested. (Mat 23:13.15) Woe to all those who have turned away from the Father’s Work! (2Ti 4:4) Woe to all those who have turned away from the Son of God, to turn to myths! Woe to all those who conspire and work against the Project of Salvation wanted by the Father (Mat 23:33-36) that only in Christ is fulfilled, to poison the hearts and make them sink into a deep and deadly sleep, into a torpor that torments the hearts in a thick fog (Isa 60:2) that drive them away from the true Light, that is Christ, so to make everyone live in the darkness of the world and to thus approach religious philosophies that are not the expression of the Father’s Will.

A hymn of joy to the Father’s Heart, rises up from this Land of Love in this day for the whole world (1Ch 16.33, Sal 43.4, 118.15, Is 35.2.10, 51.3.11), so to restore order and holiness into the heart of His sons and the men of good will, because to be true men, they must recognize themselves as true sons (Joh 1:12, 1Jo 3:1 Eph 1:8,29), who manifest their own sonship in the only Father (1Co 8:6; 12:4-6).

This is the action of the Spirit of the Risen Christ (Mat 28:20b) who, through this true and live sonship (Rom 8:15-16), makes everyone rejoice, celebrate and live the Feast of the Father’s Heart, and to allow them to live – in the uniqueness of the holy fatherhood (Eph 4:4-6) – the belonging to the One and Triune God (2Co 13:13), True, Holy, Merciful and Just.

In time and betimes, the Father has manifested His live Presence in history, always being with His people: always with them to win every battle; always with them to win against every adversity; always with them and warning them, so that they may return to the right way, the main road, which originally was to bring discipline into an unruly world, without rules; accompanying them with His Laws, the Commandments (Exo 20:2-17; Deu 5:6-21), which, although Laws, they have always been “Laws of Love”, even though in the course of history, the Father’s Love has never been fully recognized or fully understood. Despite this, the Father has always accompanied His people – in every ascent, against every enemy – testing them and totally giving Himself.

The Father’s people, the people with whom the Father has made His covenant, has always won. And at the moment in which the Father has manifested His victory in history, all those who have set themselves up in front of this victory to make their role noticed, have always been rejected by the Father (1Sa 15:23).

The live paternal action in history is to help the hearts of God’s sons to grow and intensify in them the live awareness of belonging to the only Father, in their being sons, and consequently to lead them to practice an upright, holy sonship blessed by the Father (Gal 3:16.26-29).

This was the path that the people of God were to walk on, until the moment in which those who were to feed the flock, have no longer done so with dedication and respect. The iniquitous pastors, instead of putting holiness into practice, have brought slavery to the flock.

In His live Mercy, the Father has donated part of Himself, His Son, who has come down on Earth to bring freedom once again to the people (Gal 5:1), His people: holy people, people wanted by His Heart, who, through the Son’s Love made Person, has reconciled the sons’ hearts to His Fatherly Heart, bringing everyone once again to practice His Laws that are manifested in His Love: “love one another (Joh 15:12) so to be loved ; respect one another, so to be respected; serve and do not be served (Joh 13:14-15)”.

However, once again, those who were to feed the flock, are now slowly leading (have already led) the flock on a different path to the Way traced by the Son of God, wanting to make everyone live teachings that are not from God and that drive away from the Catholic and universal God, away from Christ, the absolute Truth, and away from proselytism, wanted by Jesus (Mat 28:19-20a, Mar 16:15-16) to allow everyone be, in the baptism (Act 2:38-39; 19:2-6), sons and no longer creatures (Jud 1:18, 1Pe 1:23). The today’s apostates, want to lead astray the sons of God and the men and women animated by the goodwill to seek and find the Truth which in Christ is manifested, to live a sonship, that is not from God, with the one who proclaims himself “father” for the sole purpose of making everyone live a new world religious philosophy that unites, without distinction, many religious expressions that do not come from the Father’s Heart such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islamism or that are no longer in communion with the Father’s Heart, such as Judaism (Heb 8:13). The Father manifests Himself only in Christ (Joh 14:11) and in the true Christianity, in the Courtyard of Christ’s Church that has not denied the true religion, the true doctrine [see: Acts of Magisterium, The Doctrine], which is Christ and which is manifested only in Christ, and not in other religious expressions.

In this Land of Love, the humble Handmaid, the humble Maiden, the Eternal Maiden, has once again reconciled the sonship with the live fatherhood (Mal 3:23-24). And again, in His infinite Mercy, the Father laid His eyes (Deu 26:15-19) on this Maiden so to look on all humanity (Amo 9:8), which, in the Heart of Mary, was to be found, finds and will always be found (Luk 1:46b). And once again, part of the Father’s Heart, through the only Son of the Father (Joh 1:14; 3:16, 1Jo 4:9), and through the live action of the Spirit of the Risen Christ (Joh 16: 6-8; 13-14), gathers in this Land of Love, His people, God’s people, that once again will bring Christianity back to be the foundation of the sonship in the One and Triune God, True and Holy. One and Only Father, one and only Word, one and only Truth (Joh 10:30).

Every son who comes and will come to this Land of Love (Gen 12:1); who opens his heart to the live action of the Holy Spirit (Joh14:16-17, 15:26, 1Co 12:4) that proceeds from the Father and the Son; who recognizes the live presence of the Father in the only begotten Son of God (Joh 14,10); he will feel in his heart the living closeness of the Father, His heartfelt thanks for having welcomed all what is contained in His Heart, so to receive the seal of the living God (Rev 7:2) that warms every heart with the Flame of His live Love.

This Church has today wanted to establish this Feast, so that every faithful son may more and more know the Father’s Heart: a Heart that is alive, that beats, that palpitates, just as is alive, continuous and palpitating the Mass of the Son, living Bread descended from Heaven (Joh 6:51.63), the One who in this Church gives Himself, from Heart to heart, from Spirit to spirit, so to make all the sons of God and all men of goodwill, to live the closeness of the One who is the Good and Holy, Merciful and Just Father (Psa 116:5). A Father (1Co 8:6), the Father, who is not insensitive towards the love of His sons; He who created everything for Love; who gave everything for Love, for the Love of His sons, for the Love of those who recognize Him as Father (not for those who despise Him and for those who want to subjugate His sons, His sons, His sons!). A Father (1Ti 2:5), the Father, who in this day of Love, opens His arms, opens His Heart, embraces every heart, approaches every heart saying: «Come here, sons. Embrace your Father, because you have been faithful and have stored up treasures for yourselves in Heaven (Mat 6:20). My gratitude for ever. Take a seat in your House (Joh 14:2). The Son of God will satiate all of you (Mat 14:20)». And so be it.