Feast of Mary Immaculate

December 8th 2017

Gospel: Luke 1,26-38
Homily of the Pontiff Samuel


On this day, our Church, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, is full of joy. Great feast in the hearts of all the children of this Church, that, on the day of the Immaculate Conception, starts the new liturgical year. The journey of the year of the Universal Christian Church begins on the day of Mary Immaculate (cf. Eph 5:27), just as the Mystery of Salvation began in the Mystery of the Immaculate Conception.

In order to be understood in history, and to be understood by His sons, the Father had to start with the eternal Maiden, the full of grace (Lk 1:28), She who, by the power of the Holy Spirit, has generated part of His Heart of Father. This is why all have had to move through the Immaculate Heart of Mary so to be able to understand a part of His Fatherly Heart, and then one day to arrive – and together we are arriving – to understand this Heart, the Heart of the Father, in Its entirety. Mary helps us to understand the Project of the Father, His Will, His essence and His substance of Father, and the substantial Love of the Father and of the Son, who has been generated and has become Person in Mary’s Heart (Jn 1:14b; 1Jn 4:16; 2Jn 3). And so, starting from that Heart, from the Immaculate Heart of Mary, pure and spotless, where the Spirit has taken root (Lk 1:35a), we understand the Fruit of Her Bosom (Lk 1:42, cf. Deut 7:13a); and, consequently, we understand the Father.

Mary Immaculate helps us to understand the Mystery of Co‑Redemption, which is to co‑participate in the Mystery of salvation, so to converge to the Father’s Heart. Everything began in His Heart; everything converges in His Heart. Here therefore the Mystery of the Immaculate, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, marks the beginning of a great Mystery. The Mystery of Mary, the Eternal Maiden, a Mystery unfathomable, inaccessible and inscrutable for those who want to comprehend the Mystery of God with a human mind. For those who want to open their hearts, everything will be understandable: the Spirit will make us understand what is inaccessible (cf. Lk 10:21).

Who holds the hands of Christ, holds the hands of the Father (Jn 14:9b.10). Whoever knows Christ, the Son of God, knows the Father (Jn 14:20), because He is in the Son. No one can reach the Father except through the Son (Jn 14:6b). No one can reach the Son except through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Here is the unbreakable union of the Mother and Her Son. In the simplicity, the Mysteries of divinity are enclosed. But the human mind is not used to simplicity. This is why the secrets contained in simplicity, just as Mary is, are not accepted and there is no willingness to accept it. All this cannot be recognized and accepted, unless through a total abandonment to the action of the Holy Spirit, who in this Land dwells (Jn 14:17).

In the course of Christian history, the uninterrupted action of the Holy Spirit (Jn 14:26) who since ever dwells in Mary, Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit, as we proclaim in the litanies of the Holy Rosary, has never wanted to be understood. The Holy Spirit has blown and continues to blow throughout history (Jn 14:26) to lead His Church to discover the Mysteries of the Father’s Heart. But when men discovered the Mysteries of the Father’s Heart, at the same time they covered other mysteries, concerning their work (for not having followed the action of the Spirit); their not putting into practice all what the Spirit had inspired them, trying to cover and hide, their real way of acting. And so they thought well to say that the manifestation of God in history was finished. Therefore, according to them, in order to understand the future, one would have had to remain anchored to the past, instead of taking the cue from the mistakes of the past in order to understand the action of the Holy Spirit, which would have led everyone to a true and total knowledge: the Action and the Will of the Father, that would have manifested Himself in the Son. The action of the Way, of the Truth and of the Life (Jn 14:6a) has been not understood: it is stuck at that period, at that time, and it was not allowed to go ahead. And in the same way, the action of Mary, the Mother (Lk 1:15.43; 2:21.33-34.48.51b.), and of Her live motherhood, which had to accompany the Way, the Truth and the Life, has not been understood.

When one does not have an open heart and does not want to make the listener understand, the risk is to shipwreck the Mystery of Christendom, of the uniqueness of the Son of God (Jn 1:14.18; 3:16.18; 1Jn 4:9), and of the Trinity of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Mt 28:19). As it has always been said, Here, in this Land of Love, there is the key that opens the Father’s Heart and makes the Father’s plan of salvation for humanity become clear. Here is the Era of the Holy Spirit (Jn 15:26) – as it is written on that stone tablet near the Little Cradle – that manifests in the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Spirit and in the only begotten Son of God, all what is in the Father’s Heart. And we will be even more able to understand the past, so to be ready to fully live the present now, and eternity then.  

In this Land of Love, the Father gives us the key to interpret and understand the Project of salvation, from the beginning to the end. And the whole story of God will be seen as in a movie. But to rewind the entire tape and review every scene from the beginning and to be able to understand it in fullness, we must start from the end, and then return to the beginning, being able then to fully understand everything. Here is Mary, the Son, and the Father. And everything flows from the Father and everything will be understood.

Here it is then that everything must be understood starting from the action of Mary in history (Lk 1:48b). Mary, the Maiden of God (Is 7:14b, Mt 1:23), has accompanied the Christians in history and has tried (this has always been Her will) to accompany every people that sought the sonship in Christ, to make everyone understand Her motherhood (Mic 5:2). Here is the uniqueness of Mary’s action. In history, Mary Immaculate gives start, advances and continues, so to accompany all the sons of God and all the men and women of good will.  

Mary’s teachings are alive in this Land of Love. The Eternal Maiden (Lk 1:27b; Jer 31:4), Her being child in heart, is alive. She accompanies the Christians, the sons, the people on their journey, to welcome Christ, the living Bread descended from Heaven (Jn 6:51a), who by the will of the Father has descended in this Land to make everyone converge to His Heart. Here it is that, in this blessed Land, the maternal care is alive. And the maternal care is total. And in the fullness, She manifests Her living and eternal Love, which has accompanied every son on the Way, that accompanies each son in the Truth, and will accompany each son to Eternal Life (cf. Jn 14:6a).

In this Land of Love, there is the live Heart of God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. A Heart ready to embrace all those who come here to receive the live paternity in gift. A Heart ready to welcome and embrace all those who struggle to defend the Truth. A Heart ready to welcome and embrace all those who no longer want to be orphans (Jn 14:18) but want to return to be sons, in Her, as the Gospel of today proclaims, which found favour with God (Lk 1:30).

In this Land of Love, in this living Cradle of the live Love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, God bestows His graces: the more the faith in every heart is alive, the more His grace will warm the hearts giving them the initial brilliance. This is what the Father promised to His Maiden: to give graces in exchange of Love, in exchange of a live and holy faith (Jud 20-21).

From this corner of Heaven, the universal announcement of the return of the Son of God (Acts 1:11) by the means of Mary’s Heart, has been proclaimed. In this Land of Love, the Father gave His Heart in the Heart of a young Maiden, so that everyone could love Him, live Him, recognize Him and make Him appreciated: the Heart of a Child (Is 9:5a) descended from Heaven to bring humanity closer to His Fatherhood, so to be able to live holiness in respect to the Commandments of the Father (Deut 5:1-22), which allow heart and spirit to live His grace and to live in Christian righteousness. The evangelist proclaims: Nothing is impossible to God (Lk 1:37).

In this corner of Heaven, the Father manifests His living Heart, His Heart without stain, which must be the photograph of the heart of God’s sons, who, listening, living and putting into practice His teachings – that in the Son are (Jn 17:21) – , are encouraged to dress and continue to dress the white robe (Rev 7:13-14), that is pure, holy, and differentiates the “sons” (Jn 1:12) from the “creatures” (Jn 1:13; Eph 6:12, 1Cor 15:50). Here it is that the Good and Holy Father accompanies His sons, so that every son may have a pure heart, and so be able to see, through the Son, the Face of the Father (Jn 12:45; 14:9b), Good and Holy, that wants to be Merciful but must also be just (Psalm 85:11).

The feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, accompanies every “son” (1Jn 3: 1) of God so that every “son” may feel spurred to practice the right path, in the daily effort to put into practice the teachings of the Father and of the Son that, through the Holy Spirit, make every heart understand what is right and what is not right. For this reason, understanding this, one does not go towards sin, one does not go towards temptation, but by endeavouring to listen to the voice of the Spirit who speaks to the heart, one remains far from temptation (Mt 26:41, Mk 14:38). This means to be a Christian.

From this Land of Love, where the fatherhood of the Father is alive, once again the Son of God – in the living action of the Spirit of the Risen Christ – and His people, the few remaining people of Israel (Mic 5:2), have given life to the Christian resurgence. A resurgence that begins from the depth, that originates in the Father’s Heart, to ensure that Christianity may be put back to the centre of every heart, so to be never trampled and forgotten. A Christianity made of essence and substance, which contains and will contain any attempt to subvert the sanctity, to subvert the Laws of the Father’s Love, and the living and profound bond between Father and the sons (cf. 1Jn 1:3-4). This is why the Little Rest of Israel is unpopular, fought, attacked and pointed out. The sons of this Land are pointed out as those who want to impart a doctrine that has no basis in Christendom.

But the linearity of the doctrine that, as it has been said, is the Son of God (2Jn 9), Christ (cf. Acts of Magisterium, The Doctrine), will reveal all that is done with full will in a house, in order to cancel in many hearts their belonging to the only God.

In another house, which a time was but now no longer is, those who betrayed the Holy Spirit will even more take steps to subvert every single prayer made by the children of God – think of the “Our Father”, that now someone wants to change, it has already been changed (cf. Mt 6:13); these prayers have accompanied humanity over the centuries – so that every prayer may become sterile, without the Holy Spirit (cf. Eph 6:18), which animates the words the sons pronounce and which makes them true men and true Christians, and without relying on the Father and on the maternal cares any longer. The difference between those who belong to the Church of Christ and those who do not live Christendom and do not come from the message of Christ (that are those who have fought It, that did not want to know It and did not want Jesus in their heart any longer, and have betrayed Him) will be increasingly evident.

In that house, there are trials and they will increase even more. Christendom lives the full activity of a spiritual war that is taking place (Rev 12:7, Dan 12:1): Christ against the children of the antichrist; Truth against the children of lies; Christian universality against a group of falsifiers of a diabolical doctrine.

This House advances and will advance. This Church will stop the negative wave that would want to drown many children of God. The trail wave of this Ark, of Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, will sink a boat now adrift, where there no longer are the keys to discover and understand the Truth, which is Christ (Jn 4:24); but only the keys to descend into the depths of the sea.

This is why, on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Mary, this Church is full of joy. This House honours Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, the Ark of the New Covenant renewed in the Spirit of the Risen Christ (Jer 31:33, cf. 2Cor 3:5-6, Heb 10:15-16), which ploughs through these hard and difficult times of the history of Christendom, the end times of history, to lead all the true sons of God and all men and women of good will, to the Father’s Heart, the last term of the Plan of Salvation. Not the end of the world but the end of evil (Rev 12:10). This is to allow everyone to live that eternal being child in heart that only in Christ, through Christ and with Christ, will be fulfilled: Christ, Eternal Life for all His sons, who will bow down before His Name: Christ our Salvation; Christ Eternal Life. When all this will be fulfilled, Peace will be stable throughout the world.

The sentiment of deep love experienced last Sunday, at the end of the liturgical year of this House, on the Feast of the Father’s Heart, is still alive in the heart of us all. This sentiment remains alive so that, in the daily life of each of us, the encounter between the hearts of the sons and the Father’s Heart, may be more and more full and total and the Father’s abundance, full and alive, may descend on every son, so to live with intensity and fullness this new liturgical year, starting from this month in which we all await – to live together – the Christmas of Christ (cf. Jn 1:14) and to co-participate every day in His Mystery of Redemption, in His Mass, alive, continuous and palpitating. A Mass made of heart and spirit, as well as this Church, made not of precious frescoes but made of men and women who want to be saints, saints in flesh and blood. Every word comes back, every word lives, to make understood the continuity in all the things that here, in this Church, are manifested and take place.

Those who have become enemies of God, will continue to disbelieve (cf. Acts 19:9), for their wanting not to see and wanting not to hear. Those who are and will be animated by good will, may make grow in their hearts, the desire to approach, understand and experience the differences between one House and another. Then everyone can decide whether to practice or not, in the freedom that the Father has given to each child.

Starting from today, who, following the example of Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, already lives this Church, will feel even more alive in their heart the courage, the push and the desire to give themselves even more, to serve the Father, for the victory and triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Good and tender Mother, the Queen of the Universe, She who, after having received the Angel’s announcement, after the understandable human astonishment (see Lk 1:34), did not hesitate to place Herself at the disposal of the divine Project of the Father, saying: «You see before you the Lord’s servant, let it happen to me as you have said» (Lk 1:38).

We, sons of Mary, today wish to console once again Her Immaculate Heart, so that She may guide us, for the victory and triumph of Christianity (Jn 16:33, Rom 8:37; 1Cor 15:57; 1Jn 5:4).

We begin today this new liturgical year by renewing our consecration to Her Immaculate Heart, renewing once again, with one voice, our promise: «I will comfort you. And as far as I can, I will make You known and loved by all those who do not love You, consoling thus Your Immaculate Heart. In You I trust, in You I hope, and only You I want to love». And so be it.