Feast of the Birth of Maria G. Norcia

January 21th, 2018

Gospel: Mark 12,41-44
Homily of the Pontiff Samuel

Today, on this day, our Church is celebrating. We all are united in the living communion of hearts to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Maria Giuseppa Norcia, She who gave birth to the “Mystery of Baby Jesus”, donating Her whole life for the Treasure of God (cf. Mk 12,41-44). Not a material treasure, but a spiritual treasure (Eph 1,18), the Treasure (Mt 13,44) of Love that God, in His infinite mercy, has given to humanity.

Mary is the One who has been called by the Father to welcome in Her heart the Baby Jesus, who descended from Heaven, in the place where now stands the “Little Cradle”, near an olive tree, symbol of peace. Even in this sign, the Father has wanted again to make us understand that only by opening our heart, accepting the Son of God and putting His teachings into practice, there is and there can be peace (Gal 6,16; Eph 2,14; Col 3,15; 2Pt 1,1-2), the true peace (Jn 14,27a), the one which every Christian, every man and woman of good will, must desire, seek and strive for (cf. Mt 5,9), in the same way Mary did in Her whole life.

Mary immediately welcomed the Son of God in Her heart. The living Spirit of the Son of God, entered in Her heart, and has led that heart of Woman to transmit in the hearts of many, the Love for Jesus, for His teachings, and for the Father’s Commandments (1Cor 2,11b-12). Thanks to the heart of this Woman, many have once again started to enjoy the taste and the will to live a sound Christianity, being reborn to new life, from Above, thanks to the living action of the Spirit (cf. Jn 3, 5-8) that the Father has sent in this Land of Love, to manifest His live presence in this humanity.

Nothing has been easy in the life of God’s Maiden. In Her earthly journey, She has embodied and lived the teachings of Jesus, His words (Mt 7,24; Lk 6,47; Jn 13,17; Lv 18,4-5; 22,31; 19,37; 20,8; Dt 5,1; Jer 11,6; Ezk 20,19; 36,26), taking up Her cross to follow the Son of God (Mt 16,24; Mk 8,34 Lk 9,23), so that the Love of the Lord could bear fruit, fruit, fruit (Jn 15,5), in the heart of many; not appearance. This is what Jesus said to Her Heart and this is what She has transmitted to us with Her life, from heart to heart.

She has carried out Her mission with living intensity, with ardent spirituality and with deep sacrifice, charging Herself with burdens and mortifications to relieve the cross of many (cf. Gal 6,14). This was Her mission, that She welcomed and lived for the Love of Her Lord. «Do with me as You please: may Your Will be done». This was Her humble and live prayer, spread to everyone, so that many, by renouncing to their humanity, could love the Lord, letting themselves be clothed with the divinity of the Saviour, who came down from Heaven to enter Her Heart, in order to be transmitted and welcomed in the heart of many.

The Father has revealed everything to Her Heart. Everything. Everything has been fulfilled and everything will be fulfilled in the appropriate time. Many were and are those who have not accepted Her Life, the way in which She lived Her mission, the fulfilment of the New Jerusalem (Rev 3,12b) that the Father revealed to Her. Many were the attacks and the humiliations suffered by Her Heart, from the inside as the outside, and perpetrated especially by those who now would like to make believe the opposite, saying that before was one thing and that now it is another.

In order to question the present, you do not have to believe in the past and you do not want to believe in the future. All or nothing. It’s too easy now wanting to try to make divisions, for own purposes, between the present, the past and the future. God’s plan of salvation is one. Everything has begun so that everything will be brought to fruition. I am a living witness of what the Father has revealed to Her. Everything was in Her heart. And She has revealed everything to my heart, so that everything that has begun may be brought to fulfilment.

This is why this Church is born: to bring to completion the Plan of Love and Redemption wanted by the Father (Is 9,5-6; Rm 8,21; Rev 21,1), Who laid His eyes on this humble Handmaid, poor for the world but rich in all that belongs to God (Mt 5,3): rich in His Love and rich in faith, to announce to the whole world all what was in the Father’s Heart.

The Father has wanted this Cradle of Love in order to announce to the world the “White Island”, to preserve the purity of faith, that in the world would have increasingly got lost; the “Column of Light”, to transmit the Light of Christ (Jn 1,9) to a world that would have lost It even more (Jn 1,5): “the only lighthouse of recognition of the love of God”, as Jesus said to Her; the “Castle of souls”, where the communion between Heaven and Earth is alive; the “Center of infinite Mercy” of God, in which the Father bestows His forgiveness to all those who ask it with true repentance and sincerity of heart; the “New Jerusalem”, prophesied and proclaimed by the Holy Scriptures (Rev 21,1-3; Is 60; 62; 65,17-22), in which the Divine Spirit dwells, sent by the Father to restore and definitively establish His Covenant with His faithful sons (Is 66,18b-22), with the announced “remnant of his people” (Is 4,3; 10,20-23; Mic 4,7), so to give the world peace, the true peace, that will be only by believing and living in Christ, with Christ and for Christ.

Despite the accusations and slanders, She continued Her mission, relying on the Father’s Love to obtain His strength every day. Mary continued, with sacrifice and will, to carry forward, in full freedom but with total and deep faithfulness to Her Lord, all what the Father had revealed and entrusted Her. Many have been the accusations, the attitudes of disdain, the observations, coming mainly from a house, which was in ruins even back then but that from 13 March 2013 has definitely lost the friendship of the Father (cf. Mt 24,15; Mk 13,14), to give life to a “new church” that has apostatized against the true Christian faith, in order to lead the whole world into a new “common house” that is no longer based on the Doctrine, which is Christ, but on a new humanism that has once again discarded Him.

Mary has wanted to keep the one and only word: the one spoken by the Father who asked Her help in this great mission of salvation for humanity. One was Her answer, without any hesitation, without “ifs” and “buts”: «Yes, Father».

This is what She has always done during Her life, always proclaiming Her “yes” to the Father’s Will. This is what She did on 15 May 1974, when She said Her “yes” to Jesus, who revealed to Her, together with the Blessed Virgin and St. Michael the Archangel, the plan of love of the Father. This is what She did on 5 July 2008, when the Father called Her to Himself, after thirty-three years dedicated to Her earthly mission.

This Mother Church comes to life by the gift of Her life, and has been wanted by the Father to bring to completion all the things She began. This is the gift that deserves to be respected. This is what this Church asks and will always ask, in order to put into practice all that the Father has always taught and will continue to teach (Ps 119, This Church will always demand respect for Her belief and Her own work, keeping the individual freedom alive, to believe or not to believe. But in front of the accusations and slanders, this Mother Church and Her sons will advance, following the example of Her who, in front of the accusations and slanders, has accomplished Her mission, with strong will and deep obedience to the Father, the One who by means of the life of His humble handmaid, has revealed the New Jerusalem to the world, as the fulfilment of the prophecies and of the Holy Scriptures.

During Her life, the Maiden of God has embodied the most beautiful virtues of Mary. She taught to be faithfull (cf. Lk 16,10a), to never betray God and to never betray the Call received. She taught humility against pride (Php 2,3; 1Pt 3,8; 5,5b; Jm 4,10). Whoever wants to be great for the world is not suitable to work in the Father’s Vineyard (Mt 20, 25-28; Mk 10,42-45). Whoever wants to be small for the world, and even smaller for God, is called “son” (Jn 1,12; 1Jn 3,1) in the Father’s Vineyard; and he will received the place he deserves (Mt 18,3; 19,14; Mk 10,14; Lk 18,16). He who does not become small and does not live as a child, is not suitable to witness Christ.

With confidence, following the example of this humble handmaid who has totally given Herself for the love of God, we entrust our every feeling to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that She may shelter us all under Her mantle from all adversity and obtain for us every grace, for the body and for the soul, also allowing the Son of God to lay out His arm to bring justice to the righteous and to unmask the sons of iniquity and reveal them in their true essence (Is 30,30; Lk 1,51).

May this day of celebration, be for all of us a new spur, so that the day of the birth of the humble Handmaid of God be a new rebirth for many (cf. Jn 3,7-11), by the renewing of their “yes”, every day, the “yes” to the Father’s Will (cf. Lk 1,38a), so to persevere in the Call received, carrying out everything with love, for love and in the love (Is 62,1; Rm 13,10; Php 1,8) the sons of God nurture for Her that has given all Herself for the Love of Her Lord (Jn 13,35; Rm 8,35; 1Cor 16,24; Eph 6,24). And so be it.