Solemnity of the return of Maria G. Norcia
in the Father’s Heart

Matthew’s Gospel, chap. 5, verses 1-12a

July 05, 2018
Homily of the Pontiff Samuel


We live today the beginning of this triduum for the great Feast dedicated to God’s Maiden, Maria Giuseppina Norcia, that we all can see, here, in front of us, the Maiden called by the Almighty Father to initiate the fulfilment of the Plan of Love and Redemption wanted by God for this humanity (Rm 8:19-23). In this year, on this day, we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the return of Maria Giuseppina Norcia in the Father’s Heart. In these ten years, the Holy Spirit has guided us in becoming even more aware of the Mystery of the Woman of God, She who has given Her entire life to accomplish the Father’s Will up to the end, She who has embodied all the Beatitudes just mentioned in passage from the Gospel of Matthew (Mt 5:1-12).

Whoever has had the opportunity to know this great Woman of God, has appreciated, loved and lived all Her virtues, Her total abandonment to the service of God, that allowed Her spirit to fully live God and not what is world; Her infinite humility, Her being eternally child for having never lost the enthusiasm of serving God. The abandonment to the will and to the service of God, has caused Her many afflictions at the hands of all those who lived and are still living, the spirit of the world. This is the Beatitude “Blessed are the afflicted” (Mt 5:4). God’s Maiden underwent these afflictions; She didn’t seek for them. They came from Her enemies, that had declared war to Her saving mission, but even from many false friends, those who said to be Her friends – in the past as in the present, from the outside and from the inside – even those bound to Her by blood relationship, in reality have always opposed Her with their behaviour, making Her suffer, up to completely betraying, without shame, Her teachings and Her spiritual heritage.

She went forward, with Her mildness, overcoming every trial and adversity, always encouraging everyone to go all the way doing the Father’s will, being aware and sure that the Father would have satisfied Her with His Justice, as She always taught us all. Filled with His Mercy and His Love, She has announced to everyone that the Father, in this Place, has established the centre of His infinite Mercy, to allow all the truly penitent sinners, to be cleansed of their faults, and to regain a pure heart so to recognize and follow Christ, to live His teachings, so to contemplate God’s Face, that same Face that She has countless times contemplated, thanks to the purity of Her heart (Mt 5:8) that has never faded, Her pure heart, never stained, and always holy.

As a true daughter of God, She worked in this Land for the fulfilment of the eternal Peace promised by the Father to His faithful sons who will stand firm to the end (Mt 24:13), up to when every pitfall will be won and the enemy of God, the tempter, the accuser, the liar will be definitively defeated, and Peace will be stable, even on this Earth (Rev 12:10), that the Father will renew, giving it new life, so that His faithful sons may return to live God for eternity and contemplate His face of Good and Holy, Merciful and Just Father (Rev 21:1-7). And He gave Her the Kingdom of Heaven, rewarding Her and redeeming Her from many persecutions and from many slanders and gratuitous accusations, perpetrated against Her especially by self-styled ministers of God – [if they had been so and if they really were so, they would not have done and said what they did and against Her] – that belong to a house that is now ever more in ruins (2Pt 2:1) and rather than going deeper into Her mission, they preferred to discard it in the place of listening to it, declassifying the Mystery of the New Jerusalem as “doctrinally unacceptable”. And really, those who have rejected the true Doctrine, which is Christ, can never teach men to welcome what comes from Heaven. And hence, the Truth, that is Christ (Jn 14:6), descended from Heaven in this Land of Love, has been betrayed again.  

Today the New Jerusalem shines even more, just as the holiness of God’s Maiden shines, in Heaven and on Earth, so to give every woman and every man, the example to embody in order to imitate the virtues of Mary, that this holy Maiden of God has incarnated in perfection. In truth, great is the Mystery of She who has incarnated all the Beatitudes, of She who is truly blessed, of She who has kept nothing for Herself but that has always wanted to share the sole beatitude that gives all that is needed, Christ.

We are here today to thank God the Father Almighty for having given Her to us. We are here today to honour this Mother and Her living obedience to the Father’s Heart. We are here today to celebrate in Her, with Her and for Her, the «Feast of the living obedience», the «Feast of the renewal of the eternal “yes”», that “yes” that the Maiden of God has solemnly proclaimed to God on May 15, 1974, and that has been renewed for eternity on that July 5, 2008. On that July 5, Maria Giuseppina Norcia has not abandoned Her sons: She has held them even closer to Her heart, so to bring the immaculate Heart of Mary to the triumph, in the union between Heaven and Earth. Mary has ascended to Heaven and now She lives in the Father’s Heart.

Many are the words revealed by our Lord Jesus Christ to prepare the world to understand this great Mystery of Love incarnated in His heavenly Maiden. In the revelation of October 30, 1994, which speaks of His return, Jesus says to Her: «Here is then that again I make myself a child. I come here, in this remote place, to be born again in the heart of a little Girl who has loved me as My Mother loved me». A unique, sublime, total Love. A Love that unites the hearts that have loved Jesus so much to be united in the only Love that saves, Christ (Acts 4:11-12). In the same revelation, Mary, the Mother of God, also says to Her: «I will always be next to you. I will always be next to the children who rely on My heart, on the Father’s will and on your earthly guidance, because in the very moment these children take Your hand, they have already taken the path that leads to the Father’s Heart».

In that same year 1994, on the Feast of Mary’s Assumption to Heaven, Mary Most Holy says to Her: «You My Daughter, continue to bestow Your love. One day, all together we will sit around the Father. Then the sum of the joy of our hearts will be the happiness of the Father, who will finally stretch out His arms and hold tightly close to His heart all His sons who have welcomed His Word, all the sons who have allowed My Jesus to reign with His people».

And furthermore: on September 13, 1984, Jesus reveals to Her: «The Holy Spirit is the Holiness Itself personified, therefore He sanctifies all those who are worthy of His gifts. The Holy Spirit is the very Spirit of the Father, of the Son and of the Bridegroom of the Most Holy Mother. This is the time of Mary, your Mother and Mine (…). The Cradle of Gallinaro is full of the Holy Spirit and those who enter it absorbs in proportion to the conditions of their own spirit and their own capacity. It can be said that the Cradle di Gallinaro is like a large Font (…). It is necessary to approach with faith My second Grotto because there will never be another one ever again».

In a more recent revelation, that of July 26, 1996, Jesus also says to His Maiden: «And therefore, My Word, the Word of My Father, came out of the borders of Israel to spread all over the world, and mainly through the sacrifice and the martyrdom of many My sons, but the mission has not yet ended, and once again, I have descended as a Child, to grow in the hearts of many My sons who would never otherwise have known God’s Love. And once again, as in the past centuries, they would have known the Love of God, and once again, as in past centuries, the Father identified a chosen Soul, to incarnate the synthesis of all the prophets and the ancient patriarchs, to bring His Plans to fulfilment…. and He entrusted Her to me, so that I might grow in Her Heart, thus helping Her in this difficult journey, which She has been able to bring forth, not only because of Her love for the Father, but even because of Her love for the many sons of the Father, that would have never found the way to My heart without finding the way to My Cradle (….). Onerous is the task My Father has entrusted to You. But do you believe that anybody else would have welcomed It the same way as You have welcomed it?». Therefore, Jesus reveals that this Maiden embodies the synthesis of all the prophets and the ancient patriarchs and that no one else would have been able to accept and welcome the burdensome task entrusted to Her by the Father who wants to realize His Plans to bring this humanity to Salvation (Lk 3:6; Heb 9:28).

In a revelation of June 29, 1997, Jesus speaks to His Maiden and says: «Here I wait for you my sons, not only in the days in which, as pilgrims, you come to honour My name, but I am here awaiting for you all, on the day without end, in which together we will see the dawn of a new day, the dawn of a day entirely new. Everything will be new, everything will be eternal and all together we will sit at the same table and I will break the bread for you as I did with My Apostles. My Mother and My Daughter will offer me to drink in the same cup in which I drank before My Passion. But now it will be the cup of My and your triumph». So, once again, Jesus unites Mary, His Mother, to this Maiden, and they together will offer Him to drink in that same cup which will no longer be a sign of the Passion, but a sign of the triumph of Jesus and of His faithful sons.

This Woman, Mary, is a great Mystery. The Mystery of deep Love that gave life to the Mystery of the little Cradle of Baby Jesus, the second Grotto given by the Father to humanity. Those who are thirsty, are to come and drink the water that flows from the Source of Life (Rev 22:17). Those who are hungry, are to come so to be nourished and satisfied by Christ, the only living Bread descended from Heaven (Jn 6:51). Those who want to undertake the path that leads to the Father’s heart, are to let themselves be guided by the hand of this Maiden who is alive in the spirit, who is alive in Her children and in Her Son; She who has regenerated, by Her love, many sons and the men and women of goodwill who have entrusted themselves to Her guidance, so to live, already from now, Heaven, the Kingdom, the New Jerusalem, by remaining faithful to Christ and His example of life, so to live His teachings through the Communion of hearts with those that She has given us, for the victory and the triumph of this Holy Mother Church.
And so be it.