The Word became flesh
and has come to dwell among us

Gospel: John 1,1-14

Solemn Feast of Baby Jesus
June 13th, 2018
Homily of the Pontiff Samuel


«In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God» (Jn 1:1). Then the Light descended among men to brighten their hearts and to bring the live and total knowledge of God (Mt 4:16; Jn 1:9; Jn 12:46) to every heart, so that through the Light, the Son of God, humanity could find itself in the total and perfect sonship (Jn 1:12): that sonship that would have led the whole humanity to proclaim the Name of God.

The words of the prologue of John’s Gospel re-echo today, on this day of celebration for this Church and for all Christianity. Baby Jesus, the Word incarnate, has descended among us, to bring us His Light, to give us His Love, to come and dwell among His people. As the Father had promised, , He has set His Abode here in this Land, He has spread His Tent so to bring everyone to live the Emmanuel, God-with-us (Rev 21:3), who in the Spirit is alive (Rev 1:18b; 1Pt 3:18; Rm 8:5-16) and walks among His sons (Jn 6:63; 14:19).

«He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things came into being, not one thing came into being except through Him» (Jn 1:2-3). «What has come into being in Him was life, life that was the light of men» (Jn 1:4). Life and Light, Light and Life: this is what Heaven has given us in this Land of Love. Coming down from Heaven, the Divine Child, the One who gives Life (1Jn 2:25), has given us the Spirit of Christ, the One who is Light for all the gentiles (Lk 2:32), so that all the peoples, by welcoming, following and living the Light, may have Life to the full (Jn 10:10), for eternity.

This is the interweaving of Love donated by the Father to all His faithful sons, those who have welcomed the Light descended from Heaven. «The Light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not welcomed It» (Jn 1:5). In these hard and difficult times, the Father has sent His Son again, just as Jesus had preannounced, saying that the Son of Man would have returned on Earth coming in the clouds (Mk 13:26). That’s what happened. From that June 13, 1947, the itinerary that would have fulfilled the promise of the return of the Son of Man has begun. As Jesus revealed to His Maiden, Maria Giuseppina Norcia, the way of the return of the Lord is an itinerary, a journey that began on June 13, 1947, and that will be fully accomplished according to the times and the will of God the Father Almighty, the only One who knows the exact time of the Fulfilment of all fulfilments (Mk 13:32).

We know and today we bear witness with certainty to the whole world that the Light is in the world. And that once again the words of the Gospel are being fulfilled. «A man came, sent by God. His name was John. He came as a witness, to bear witness to the Light, so that everyone might believe through Him» (Jn 1:6-7). The spirit that was in John, which is the spirit of the prophet Elijah (Lk 1:17), is the Spirit that proceeds in history. Even the Woman of God has incarnated this spirit, She who is “the synthesis of all the patriarchs and of all the prophets”, as Jesus said. And the Woman of God became the announcer of this event for the whole world, to announce to the whole world to be prepared for the return of Jesus on Earth. But this world, shrouded in darkness, has not wanted, except for a small part of it, to listen to the announcement of God’s Maiden, to Her prophecy. The darkness has not welcomed the New Jerusalem: they have discarded and rejected It. 

Many have not recognized the Light and have remained in the dark. Now as then, that part of the world in the grip of darkness, of the dark – which has taken the upper hand, even and above all, over the house that once belonged to all Christians – has rejected the Light. That house has become the haunt of devils, in which the true God, Christ, is not adored anymore but instead they worship the spirit of the anti-Christ who, although no longer being alive in the flesh, he lives in the heart and spirit of the false prophets and of the one who seems like a lamb but in reality is a he‑goat and speaks as a dragon (Rev 13:11).

«The Word was the real light that gives light to everyone; He was coming into the world. He was in the world that had come into being through Him, and the world did not recognise Him» (Jn 1:9-10) the Apostle of Love prophesied. «He came to His own and His own people did not accept Him» (Jn 1:11). For many, Baby Jesus was and is “the foreigner”. He came to this Land, to this Valley, among these people, but He was not welcomed, if not by a few. Those who were supposed to be the first to welcome Him, have instead discarded Him.  The distant ones, as always, have rushed and will rush in large numbers to give honour to the Father who has sent His Son, Baby Jesus, in this Land. And to those who have left everything to follow Baby Jesus, the Father has already given and will always give His reward, in the time that already is (Lk 18:29-30): Christ, eternal Life. «To those who did accept him He gave power to become children of God, to those who believed in His name who were born not from human stock or human desire or human will but from God Himself» (Jn 1:12-13), and they have been born anew in His Spirit, in His Love.

The Light advances, it goes ahead. Some accept It, others reject It, thus losing their sonship in the One and Triune God. And once again the Light is radiating. Once again the Light is purifying the hearts. Once again the Light pours out the Spirit of the Father. And from this Land of Love, what was in the original Thought of the Father is starting again: to bring everyone back to the essence of Life, to the essence of holiness, to the essence of the union between Father and Son, so to understand the true sonship, to live it and put it into practice, so to recognise the Father’s Face.

Here is the Few Remnant People of Israel (Is 4:3; 11:11.16; 37:4.32; Jer 23:3-6; 31:7; 50:20; Ezk 20:37; Mic 2:12-13; Zep 3:11-13; Zec 8:3-12; Rm 11:1-10), announced by the prophets, and now being manifested, so that all those who want to live the true sonship in Christ, may continue to do so in this Island of Love, the White Island that will preserve the purity of the authentic faith in Christ the Lord, the only Saviour and Messiah (Lk 2:11; Jn 4:25.42; Acts 4:11-12; 1Jn 4:14), versus another house that has rejected Christ, humanising Christ and despising His Divinity, mixing Christ with all that is world, with other so-called religious philosophies that have nothing to do with the authentic Christian faith, such as (Judaism) Hinduism, Buddhism and Islamism. This is the project of a new world religion that the Church of Rome has officially proposed to the whole world by the video message of the Roman pontiff, spread maliciously on  January 6, 2016, Feast of the Epiphany – at least for the true Christians – Feast of the manifestation of Christ, the Son of God, to all peoples. A house that is no longer a house, that wants to bring everyone together only in appearance, in propaganda, in an empty friendship where there is no longer fertility of hearts but only their desertification, where there is no longer the essence of the Spirit that unites but where there is the true essence of the spirit that disunites the hearts, in a passing, empty and sterile love that does not bear fruit but only appearances.

«The Word became flesh, He lived among us, and we saw His glory, the glory that He has from the Father as the only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth» (Jn 1:14). The grace and the Truth of God’s Son, descended in this Land of Love, have given, to all those who live to do the Father’s will and to preserve the only supreme Good – which is God – the living desire to fight in defending the authentic Christian faith, ready to do everything to remain faithful to the Lord, to the one only Lord, to the one only Christ, ready to deny themselves and to give their lives for the love of Christ the Lord, that has come down from Heaven (Jn 6:33) to give His sons the true Life, which is Christ (Jn 6:35), King of kings and Lord of lords (1Tim 6:15, Rev 17:14; 19-16).

In this full awareness, on the example of God’s Maiden, we all are called today to widely open our hearts again, so to welcome Christ, the living Bread descended from Heaven to feed all peoples and to dwell in the hearts of all those who, on Her example, want to be a “living Cradle” of His Love, which here is Person.

«Come, you all, make haste: a Child has come down for you. Together with the angels and saints, united to the Heart of Mary, Bride, Queen and Universal Mother, with one only voice, we sing: “Glory to God in the highest Heaven, and on earth peace for those of good will (Lk 2:14)”. In this town a Saviour has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord (Lk 2:11), who came down from Heaven to this Land of Love to give us eternal Life. Come to the House of the Lord. Come: adore the Lord. Come to the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2), prepared for the Era of the Holy Spirit (Jn 14:26; 16:13), so that every heart that sets foot here may be purified and healed (Rev 22:2)». And so be it.