The Father and the Son coexist
and manifest themselves
in the action of the Spirit

John’s Gospel, chap. 14, verses 15-16.23-26

Solemn Feast of Pentecost
June 9, 2019
Homily of the Pontiff Samuel


Dear friends, today we live the solemn Feast of Pentecost, in which we are called to meditate on the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, mentioned by Jesus in this page of the Gospel (Jn 14:15-16:23-26).

The Holy Spirit is God, the third Person of the Most Holy Trinity (Jn 4:24). The Spirit is a joint Action of the Father with the Son. The Spirit is the Father’s thought that materializes in a physical Body and manifests His divinity with actions, with words, with heart. The Spirit is the Father’s will which is manifested in the Son. The Father’s will is Spirit and, through the Son, becomes concrete so to be tangible and visible to all, in order to give substance to the Spirit, unlike those that are not believers, that don’t live the consistency, but the inconsistency of the divine nature.

The Father and the Son coexist (Jn 12:44-45; 14:9-11) and are manifested in the sole action of the Holy Spirit who saves (2Ts 2:13). The Father gave a part of Himself, of His Heart, bringing It to live in the womb of Mary (Lk 1:42) so to give It to the world (Lk 1:35), which is essence and substance, so that the world could return to understand His living paternity. This is the meaning of rediscovering the sonship which makes us true sons (Jn 1:12; Rom 8:14) who aspire to be reunited with the Father. Here is the Mystery of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Here is the Mystery of Love which is Person.

What is Love? Love is the fusion transmitting the living feeling that gives birth, in each heart, to the will to live, live, live. This is why, in this world, the true Love is no longer understood, because there is a moral and spiritual decline. When one deviates from the understanding of the Holy Spirit, then they no longer understand the deep meaning of Love (Rom 5:5), they don’t know and no longer hold at heart the true Love, but instead they fight for a love that isn’t Love, but a selfish fulfilling of their very self, which doesn’t lead to brotherhood, but to inequality, to competition and to competitiveness in the negative sense. Here is the flattening of thoughts that no longer puts at the centre the true Love, Christ, but that makes people understand and accept as truth a no longer holy good, that nowadays they call “common”. A “common”, personal good that places egoism at the centre of everyone’s life and no longer He the One who saves and has given Life, Christ (Rm 5:17; 1Cor 15:22), Love made Person.

Here are the unique roots of the true religion, which now is the Christian religion that is manifested in this Church, because the Father has made the Covenant, has renewed the New Covenant with this House (Heb 8:8-10). Christ is the only Love that saves (Acts 4:11-12).

In front of the Truth one cannot be insensitive. Before the Truth one is like being in front of a mirror. This mirror reflects the good actions and the less good ones, to allow everyone to become aware of how they use their own freedom for the sake of others or to limit the good they do towards them preferring their own personal good. Egoism kills man and definitively kills brotherhood. This is the difference between Christians, the true Christians, and those who do not live and no longer put in practice all this, and manifest anything but the Christian essence.  

The Holy Spirit in history has always made God’s people walk on the right path. This has always happened and always will.

Before Jesus’s advent, the Holy Spirit poured forth to lead peoples to understand that the Father wasn’t only a Father who legislated from Heaven, but to make people understand His closeness to them manifesting His justice in that moment, in that specific time, in that precise moment into a world that hadn’t understood the true meaning of Love. Those peoples needed rules and discipline, just as now people need rules and holy discipline again. And that was the true love for them. Thus the Father, through His Spirit, had to indoctrinate that people to be able to mould them. Therefore, over time, in the hearts of His messengers and spokesmen, the Father aroused the words and actions that were needed to correct and bend the people to His will. A people that had often rebelled against God, a rebellious people (Is 30:9; 65:2; Jer 5:23; Rm 10:21). And so the Father carried out His action to educate the people so to be able to transmit over time the values that the Father gave them to prepare them for the coming of His Son, who would have renewed in turn all those precepts and all that the Father had at that time suggested, so to channel them into a new meaning of living the Religion, God’s Law. Here are the words heard from Jesus, that invite to the Love and to His commandment, that invite to love and consequently to put into practice that commandment (Mt 22:36-39, Mk 12:28-31).

After the advent of Jesus and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on those first Friends of Jesus (Acts 2:1-4), the Apostles, nowadays, in these times, it has been thought once again to make the hearts dry, and to consider the action of the Holy Spirit concluded and the salvific action completed, in the wait for the opening of the gates of Heaven for the Son of man to descend again on Earth. This is what many are still thinking today because this is what has been taught to them. And so, that moment would have been the end. This teaching is wrong and denies the essence and substance of the Spirit that proceeds in history (Acts 2:17).

The Church of Rome has betrayed the Holy Spirit and the authentic teachings of Jesus. Instead of relying on the Holy Spirit, that church now relies on another spirit that keeps Christians away from the only Truth that saves, Christ (2Ts 2:7-10), by deceiving consciences, making use of everything and everyone: the poor, the needy, the migrants, the environment and so on; but actually moving peoples away from Christ, the true Love that saves, the only Love that saves.

This is also happening today, on this solemn day of Pentecost, in many churches of the church of Rome, where instead of proclaiming all what is Spirit – to speak of the mystery of the Spirit, to explain the mystery of the words that Jesus gives us announcing that He would have sent another Paraclete to make us understand the complete Truth (Jn 16:13) – instead of talking about this and explaining this, today many churches of that Roman church announce something quite different, proclaiming something else. A document is read, signed by the bishops, therefore official, and blessed by the Roman pontiff, in which once again it is taught that every poor person is a son of God and, as such, must be loved, accepted and so on. The welcoming is a good thing. Love for the poor and the needy is good, but beware: Jesus teaches us that “sons” of God are not the poor or needy, even the poor and needy who do not believe in Christ and profess other religions; but “sons” of God, “son” of God is he who lets himself be baptized in the name of Christ, is he who recognizes in Christ the Only Begotten Son of God, the Son of the Living God (Jn 1:12; Gal 3:26). This is the “son” who unites himself to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Whoever now teaches that everyone is equally and indistinctly “son” of God, deceives consciences, betrays the Holy Spirit and the teaching of Jesus. This is the essential and substantial difference that is making people lose faith. This is what today we proclaim strongly on the feast of Pentecost, of the Holy Spirit, because we must return to the authentic teachings of the Holy Spirit and be able to bring Christ, the Love made Person, back to the centre, because only those who believe in Christ are saved (Acts 4:12), because only those who believe in Christ do the will of the Father, who sent Christ so that everyone would believe in His Son, not to continue to profess their own religion and however be blessed for being poor or needy or anything else. Poverty, need, environment are exploited losing sight of the Creator, of all what gives life and of the Spirit who created the world and this humanity.

Here is the deception of teaching to do “the good according to one’s own conscience”, which is now being taught. Instead we are to do good according to the only teaching of the Son of God, who gave His life so that all could find It in Him (1Jn 5:11). Doing so we do the true good. By teaching to do good according to conscience, to pursue a relative and personal truth, no longer absolute, the Holy Spirit is betrayed and the salvific Sacrifice of Christ is annulled.

From this, from all this, we understand the task entrusted by the Father to the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2), to us and to this Church, so to rediscover the sense of belonging to God, to rediscover the profound meaning of Christianity, to make people recognise and understand the life of those who were with Jesus and who gave their lives for Jesus, wanting to transmit the one only Truth (Jn 14: 6), that Truth that over time has been watered‑down.

Here then is the action of this Church that received power from Above (Lk 24:49), from the Father, on that October 4, 2015, when the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was total. A Living and True Spirit, to make this Church manifest the Truth, which is God, to make everyone return to live Heaven. To be able to live Heaven we must rediscover Heaven; we must rediscover the gifts of the Holy Spirit, rediscover the Christian roots, which are not weights to burden and to make men slaves again, like many live now Christianity because of many human precepts that have made men, the Christians, slaves again and no longer free. No man should be slave of another man but everyone, if we really want to say it in these terms, must desire, as St. Louis Marie Grignion of Montfort said, to be a “slave” of the Love of God, that Love which in reality does not make men slaves but free (Jn 8:32).

The action of the Holy Spirit is manifested by means of this Church, called to bring order back into the disorder that has been deliberately created, but that the world lives as an absolute truth and therefore accepts without reacting. Because this world, having already been renewed in Jesus, thinks to be already able to live the fulfilment. But this world makes people understand the Person of Christ in a distorted way respect to reality, shows Christ as a Person different from who He really is.

Here is the action of the Spirit sent by Father here, in this Land, to make people understand the reality, the complete Truth; so that everyone can once again love Christ, putting Him back at the centre of their life, and living Him as the sole primary Good.

That is why the Father again has sent His Child here, to this Land, Land of Love, so that the hearts, before the image of a Child, may be softened and go back to that lost childhood and so to grow again, little by little, and to mature in the true faith renewed in Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, where the Father again has sent His thought, His Spirit, His Son, to a Maiden so to allow humanity to be merged again with Heaven, so to be brought back to Heaven.

In the New Jerusalem, Pentecost is uninterrupted, because an evil spirit has to be faced in this last battle between Good and Evil (Rev 12:7-10; 19.19-21). Here is the strength of the Spirit’s outpouring that is total in this House, in this Church. On one side, there is the omnidirectional action of God’s enemy against this House, and on the other, this House source of Life (Rev 22:2), living Tabernacle, where the Flame of the Father is continuous and does not scorch, but warms and makes us live to be complete.

Here is the Burning Bush where God, One and Triune, manifests Himself. In front of this Tabernacle there is the identity of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

«Keep your hearts on high, sons of God! In the New Jerusalem, the metaphysical Home of the Father, the Holy Spirit is immeasurably poured out and His action is continuous, alive and perennial». But the measure is set by the hearts that receive It, in accordance with their own openness and disposition of heart, as in the way Jesus revealed to this Maiden.

The outpouring of the Spirit is total, just as the Jesus would want the opening of hearts to be when arriving here: some totally love the Truth, some partially, some are predisposed but have not understood, some have closed hearts and don’t want to understand. Therefore the difference is determined not by the Spirit, which is poured out in equal measure to enter the hearts of everyone, but the difference is made by each heart. And on the basis of the opening of each heart, the Spirit allows to be reborn from Above: where totally, where partially, where not at all.

«Here the Spirit is alive! Ask to be clothed with the Light, the Light that saves (Jn 1:9), so that you may open your heart to His action which is Life, Life, Life (Jn 17:3)».

The Pentecost in this Land is continuous so that everyone may understand the one only universal message that the Father desires: «Love Christ with all your might; love Mary with all your soul, so that your spirit may understand Life, the eternal Life (1Jn 1:1-2), which projects the hearts to perennially live the eternity and to taste, right from now, Heaven, which in this Land of Love already is».
And so be it.