Christ, the only true Good that makes us free and saints

In the midst of the confusion of the world, in the midst of the fog that clouds this world and in the midst of the action of all those who relentlessly seek to set the world against God’s Law, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem advances. The Church of Christ continues and will continue to spread the Christian message that saves and will save all those hearts willing to welcome the Word of Christ and well-disposed to do His Will.

Through Christ’s faithful people, Christian values will grow and arise throughout the ways of the world. The value of the loving obedience, the value of brotherhood, the value of the union in Christ the Saviour; the value of the deep bond that must characterize – and that will even more characterize – the faithful people of the Church of Christ, in their being Mystical Body. This is what will be, essentially and increasingly, widespread, made heard and lived by many.

The Boat of Christ crosses the sea, ploughs through the waves and overpasses the wind. This Boat will lead the children of Christ and people of goodwill to Salvation, and it will cross, plough and overpass any kind of inclemencies, to achieve and to allow everyone to achieve, the Father’s Heart.

The Church of Christ will always advance. The Church of Christ will always fight against everyone and everything: against all those who seek to undermine Her way, Her going; against all those who try to demotivate the children of God; against all those who seek and will seek to place obstacles. The holy motivation that makes faithful, will never cease in God’s children; hope will never cease because Christ is a certainty for the children of God, rooted in their hearts. And the children of God well know that the Father will never abandon them, because the Father will always push His children, will always motivate His children, will always fight and win for His children.

The action of Christ, Way, Truth and Life, will always counteract this world, a world that voluntarily has taken a route, different from the High Road.

Christ will ever more be the sign, the only sign, which will trace the Way, because Christ is the only Salvation. More and more Christ will be the sign of discord for many, of concordance for others. More and more Christ will topple every barrier that man wants to erect between God and His children, so that every child may feel loved, protected and guarded.

All those who will believe in Christ and in His action, will grow in holiness and loving obedience, because they will have recognized in Christ the only Good that makes them free and saints. Every policy, every thought, every action that wants to do without Christ, is destined to collapse.

Everything that is performed, carried out, delved, putting Christ and His Law at the centre, will last forever. And there will be no inequalities; there will be no reason to despair but only Joy, Peace, Love and Sincerity, so that the Father may donate all what He wishes to the hearts.