Christ’s Kingship wins the world

God the Almighty Father, through His faithful Tools, has always been at His children’s side in the course of human history, with His living presence and His kingship of Father, so that every child could preserve the dignity alive, in his being and in his heart, to be able to SHARE and practice it; so that God the Father, the only Good, could be recognized by every person of goodwill. The Good and Just Father has loved, loves and will continue to love, through His living Love, what He Himself has created.

Throughout human history, the LOVE of this Holy Father has not always been reciprocated, by the virtue of “Freedom”, essential gift wanted by the Father, given to every child and to every creature. And by the virtue of that FREEDOM, every person could even more join to the Father’s Will, or turn away from Him.

The Spirit of the Father has accompanied humanity, so that the belonging to God could last and engage as many hearts as possible in His Plan of Love and Redemption for the salvation of humanity. Nevertheless, humankind has exchanged freedom with idolatry. Humankind has wanted to subvert the essential terms of a straight path, sacrificing the Father and erecting their idolatrous thought. Idolatry has locked their hearts; and freedom has become univocal towards their “self”: power, lust for power, the only human thirst of which humankind had TAKEN POSSESSION and of which they became slaves.

The voice of the Truth has never stopped: it shouted through the streets of the world, so that the Treasure could shine in every heart and in every soul that wanted to stay ANCHORED to that Life, which in the Father Is. Many things and EVENTS, have happened until the KINGSHIP became Person in Christ. The Son of God came down to the world to give His kingship and make hearts even more alive, to allow humankind to ennoble their souls through that live and absolute kingship. A kingship that makes everyone EQUAL before God the Father. A kingship that elevates, purifies and makes alive. It is not a kingship that crushes but it is a kingship that gives a living knowledge of the DIVINE NATURE and penetrates the hearts by the action of the Holy Spirit; so that every heart, purified by the kingship’s Love, could become SPIRITUAL, pushing their human nature away so as to rise and see the Son of God in His being Man God, King … the One Who unites, sanctifies and embraces with humility and admonishes with justice, when there are not hearts but stones before Him.

Who has welcomed the Son of God and has recognized in Him the kingship of the Father, lives to co participate and be an active part of His KINGSHIP that saves, that makes free, that makes saints. In being beneficiary of His kingship, that has won, wins and will win the world, means to become princes of His Kingdom. This is why envy will be banished. This is why the greed of power will be cancelled. This is why every chain that binds to this world will be dissolved.

The condemnation of the Father will fall on Humanity that has not accepted Christ, the King of the Universe. A Humanity prey to every vice; a Humanity that has put the living fatherhood of God the Almighty Father aside; a Humanity that has despised Christ, the Son of God sent by the Father. The world, in contraposition to its power, more and more will see and will realize the kingship of Christ, the Son of God. Each throne will be overthrown. Each dynasty will be won. Every nation that has forsworn God will be condemned. And hell will prevail on the arid and confused Humanity.

And the Church of Christ, Saviour of the world, Redeemer of this world, will shine, to be Light for all nations; to be the resurgence of the Will of the Father; to be the bulwark of the power of the Father, because Truth can never be debased, CONFUSED and reduced to be equal to any human thought.To live the kingship of Christ means TO NULLIFY ONESELF, to divest of every thought, so that one may be rich of His Truth. To live the kingship of Christ, the Son of the living God, means to ask God the Father to become poor to the eyes of the world to be rich in His Son, Christ, unique wealth, unique true Good. To be in the kingship of Christ means to be abandoned by the world but to be recognized by the only SAVIOUR; and to be rich in His Love of Father, of Son and of Holy Spirit.

So the winners and the losers will be recognized. And the losers will be forgotten by God, Good and Just Father. Who has discovered the kingship of Christ, has abandoned the old way, the old life, all that is past, to be clothed with the Light of Christ and to ask for His Light: to be clothed with His Light, balm for the soul, nectar that makes you burn with certainty in Him who is Life, so that Mary, Star of the Creation, Star of Heaven, with Her motherly care, may accompany all Her children, to taste this nectar and to be satiated for eternity.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, that Is by the Will of the Father, on this solemn day proclaims to all people of goodwill, to every child and to every creature yearning to know the Truth: «Do not let yourself numb by the poison of God’s enemy! Keep your heart alive! Do not let your soul be unsettled! Break every chain! To live Christ Way, Christ Truth and to be in Christ Life; and enjoy the kingship that makes you free, saint, authentic». This is the LINEARITY of the Plan of Salvation of God the Almighty Father, that in the Son, in His Son, with His Son, is concretised.