“Father, Your Church defers to Your Will”

The will of the Father is alive and increasingly manifests itself, so that every heart that lives the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem may continue to persevere in holiness, in the equilibrium and in the true doctrine that leads to be authentic in behaving, in speaking, in being. More and more the everyday life of the faithful of this Church must be alive and pure, docile and obedient, spiritually concrete. To fulfil to all that leads to being first men and then Christians.

This Church wants to make comprehend to every child, the correct daily conduct in human life in order to live, in spirituality, the authenticity of Christ, Way, Truth and Life; to continue in defending what must be defended; to continue in proclaiming what no one can call into question; to continue in persevering in the faith in Christ the Saviour.

Day after day this world continues to persevere in error; day after day one can see and hear all that follows to destroy the true Faith.

In the church of Rome, many strive to crumble the authentic doctrine. In the church of Rome, many are working to undo “the” sonship, unique sonship, that comes from the Son of God. In the church of Rome, many strive to delete what brings back to the Son of God, to show everyone that in fact the whole world is united… in an … empty truth. And in the church of Rome, many strive to bring to their own truth; and so, consequently, each one will bring and practice his own justice. And the civil and religious disorder will reign supreme.

The church of Rome, that had been called for first to defend the Truth, was the first to betray Christ, the Truth, and fail to that call. As consequence, many, now more than ever, have started to annihilate what the Son of God brought on Earth.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, the Church of Christ, is the living Rock where the true and authentic teaching that comes from the Father will never fade. Fidelity to the One and Triune God. Respect of His Holy Law. Loving obedience.

Doing so in the Church of Christ there is no kind of discrimination and there never will be; but discrimination is made by those who carry in their hearts the desire to contradict the universal Law wanted by the Father that regulates everything. Respecting the Holy Law, is respected all that was created by the Father; persevering in Holy Law we do not give way to the mind to think beyond; but the heart advances in linearity. But again the church of Rome wants to deflect consciences, bringing them away from the original Project of salvation wanted by the Father, that only in Christ is fulfilled. The church of Rome wants to unite all religions into one religious philosophy that has no divine foundation but that comes from the heart of men united and animated by an anti-Christian spirit.

From Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem a warning will be heard by many:
“Woe to you all, operators of real and deep infidelity”.
“Woe to you all, that persevere in cancelling the spirituality”.
“Woe to you all, that want to delete the Rock, the Heart that regulates everything”.

Even more, there will be evidence that will manifest the holiness on one side and the dark on the other. The time of the Merciful Justice of the Father Is. And It will befall against the operators of iniquity so that all this can be a warning to all consciences. Everything is a retaliation of the abominations that are and were committed; of the advancing unfaithful apostasy and of the estrangement from God the Father Almighty.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, in the communion of the hearts of all Her faithful and of all people of good will, in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, commends herself to the Will of God the Father Almighty so that His Will Is.