«Mary, Mother Church,
I consecrate myself to You
so that everyone may be consecrated in Truth»

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem will manifest Her power and Her essence. This Church, wanted by the Father, more and more will be, so that every child of good will, exercising loyalty to this church, may manifest their own essence and, in full substance, always declare the Truth, that is Way, Truth and Life.

This is what the Church of Christ will always do, approaching the simple, approaching the pure in heart, approaching those who, animated by good will, intend and wish to clothe themselves of the Light of Christ: a Light that penetrates, warms and purifies; a Light that makes, those who welcome It, true man and true Christian. Following this Way, letting oneself be moulded by the Truth, one achieves the Life, the true Life, that actually leads to be authentic, coherent and holy.

This is the morality of every child of God. To witness with one’s own life, in the everyday life, the holy action, the holy words, a right and consistent behaviour, with filial abandonment to God the Father Almighty, the One who sees everything, the One who knows everything, the One who always accompanies. The unbreakable bond with the Father is this filial abandonment, because the will of His children is total in keeping this relationship alive with Him who is the Father. The more there is abandon of oneself, the more the Spirit of the Father, that proceeds through the Son, penetrates into the hearts; and through the hearts faithful to Him, It arrives to all those who want to know, understand the Truth that unmasks the iniquity, unmasks all those animated by a contrary way that leads to be slaves of human power.

The children of God have broken their slavery. The children of God do not want to be slaves of this world. The children of God want to be tied to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to honour Her and offer their services to the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, that never will agree to compromise. «Mary, Mother Church, now and forever I consecrate myself to You».

Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, has had and has the task to welcome, to make grow many hearts in their faith and bring them back to practice prayer and holiness, entrusting themselves to the Triune God, to make them understand the true religion that is only and only in Christ the Lord, the Saviour, the Man God, who came and has manifested Himself; He has returned in Spirit and Truth on this Earth, to give sense to the Father’s promise and to welcome the fruits that Mary has generated, to lead these fruits, generated and consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to live a full and complete Truth; and so making them fully partakers in the Plan of Love and Redemption, for the glory and honour to God, the Father Almighty.

Strong of this Truth, the children of God fight the world, win the world and proclaim to the world the fall of lies and of every liar, because the Father wants it this way.

This is what will be proclaimed: the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem leads and will always lead to make everyone understand the Truth, to make everyone understand the commitment and the daily sacrifice necessary to fulfil the requests of the Father, to benefit so of His delights and His grace. The Father wants to save everyone but the Salvation is a daily conquest and will never be a gift.

The Father determines the time for everything. And what the Father determines, is holy and perfect. However, the answer of humankind regulates this time, which can be shortened or prolonged. If the children of God would have obtained collaboration, everything would have been done differently. And all could already be available for His children. This should be understood, as well as the dynamism of the Father, that, following the response of humankind, modulates and re-modulates His action, that will be brought to completion in any case, and that will lead the Church of Christ to triumph on the iniquity in any case.

Jesus was acclaimed by the small ones, not by the learned and the sages. Jesus was welcomed by the simple and the last ones. But those who were considered as the first ones, the so-called “first”, they banished Christ from themselves. This Church, on the example of Jesus, will welcome those that in the world are considered the small and the last, to touch and inflate their heart with Love for the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And Mary, the Good and Tender Mother, the Eternal Maiden who gave the Saviour to the world, will fight at the side of Her children and will defeat iniquity again, that will be unmasked and will be overwhelmed by the Justice of the Father, that now, in this time, with Christ, through Christ and in Christ will be more and more manifested. Then the true children of God will invoke the Father. Those who are animated by a lukewarm faith, will be overwhelmed. And the deniers and the accusers of God and His children, will weep bitter tears.