“Mary, I rely on You. Do of me what pleases You”

Mary, Woman and Mother, Mother of Good Counsel, accompanies the children of the Church of Christ. Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, at the eternal service to God the Father Almighty, gives Her essence of Mother to the children of the Church of Christ. Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, effuses Her Holy Queenship in the hearts of the children of Christ’s Church.

Mary, the Mother of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, stands up and will stand up to protect Her children, to fight and lead the Church of Christ to victory. Hades will not prevail, it is written. It is so and so it will be. The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem will win over the enemies of God, will win over those who oppress weak people, will win over all the powerful men that, strong of their human power, establish and promulgate unfair laws, that are opposite to the Holy Law of the Father.

Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, unites Her living prayer to the prayer of Christ’s children that, with filial abandonment to the Father, invoke the Father and rely on His Will, offering their own life, offering thereby their own daily lives: «To You, my Lord, I Offer my life, my everyday existence. Make me partake in Your Love so as to win in Your Name. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit».

Mary unites Herself to Her children once again to proclaim with one voice, in the union of hearts, Her eternal prayer to the Father: «Father! I love You, I love You so much, I rely on You; do not leave Me alone. Do of Me what pleases You. May Your Will be done».

This is what rises from the heart of every member of this Church, to manifest to the Good and Just Father, their live will of children in fulfilling and accomplishing what He asks, and to win and triumph, so that every promise is fulfilled. «Father, show me and I will go; Father, Your steps, my steps; where You want, I will go, to fulfil Your Will». This is proclaimed by the children of the Church of Christ, the children of the Holy, Good, Merciful and Just Father; the others instead have become stepchildren, obeying to a wicked man, to an unclean spirit, to the spirit of separation, to the spirit that wants to divide what had to remain united for eternity.

The children of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, want their lives to become a perennial and continuous profession of faith to the Father, who will lavish them with His grace. Great and plentiful is the pay of the Father, whenever one accepts His live and dynamic Will. A Will that will never be mixed with any other; a Will that will be never watered down with what the world every day foists us. But the Will of the Father, united with the holy daily lives of His children, will ensure that every thought of the Father may be welcomed, shared, lived, accepted, with a spontaneous and sincere heart.

Doing so, the spirit of service that animates the faithful of this Church is manifested. A Spirit that always encourages to practice what the Father asks, so that everything may be available for His true children.

One after the other, the Father’s actions are fulfilled.

In the children of Mary, there is and, more and more, there will be Her same vitality, Her same dynamism, Her same desire to say: «Yes, Father, all for You; yes Father: I welcome every Your request; yes, Father …; yes…; yes». Every time we say a “yes” with our heart, we enter more and more into the mystery of Mary, She who with Her eternal “yes” to the Father, has given birth to the Mystery of Salvation for humanity, to the Mystery of the Child God that was manifested, is manifested and will be manifested in Christ.

«Woe to you useless vultures».
«Woe to you plunderers of the things of God».
«Woe to you who want to intimidate the children of Mary».
«Woe to you who want to seize what belongs to God».
«Woe to you who want to seize what is Holy».

Mary, Mother Church, is here. Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, is and always will be in defence of Her children. Mary, She who is the Handmaid of Her Lord, with Her glace will pursue those who oppose God’s children. And of these we will hear their cry, because it is not this Church that has become stepmother but it’s the children that have become stepchildren.

Mary, the Messenger of God the Almighty Father, engraves the Seal of the living God on Her children, so that the Courage, the Vitality and Wisdom of the Father may be alive in the hearts of the children of this Church.