New Jerusalem: House of Life

In the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem the Father’s Love is alive.

In the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, God the Father Almighty once again engraves in the hearts of His children, His seal of Father, to infuse courage, will and security, so that every child of God may live; so that every child of God may make live all people of good will in Christ, with Christ and through Christ; so that the Church of Christ, the Mother Church, the New Jerusalem, triumphs and may be recognized as the House of Life.

New Jerusalem: House of Life. A House open to all those who are animated by good will; to all those who, with sincerity of heart, are seeking the Truth; to all those who escape from the snares of the enemy of God to find refuge in the Immaculate bosom of Mary, Mother of God, Mother of all the children of God.

The Father preserves His Church. And the Father preserves and will preserve every child that wants live, surrender and be in Christ, the Son of the living God, the One who saves, Christ, the Savior of the world. In the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, one lives the true faith in Him who saves, in Him who does not abandon but wins; in Him who braves to make be; in Him who gives Life.

The Church of Christ always Is and always will raise in defense of Life, to bring everybody together in the full Life, that in Christ Is and always will be. In this will be more and more manifested, the difference between the New Jerusalem, the Church of Christ, House of Life; and Babylon, the Church of Rome, where the true Life is not defended but is outraged and annihilated, in the essence and in the substance. The Church of Rome more and more will disclose and proclaim (as it is already happening) new doctrines contrary to life.

Everything is understood and will, increasingly, be understood in the substance of the actions. On one side, the Church of Christ that, animated by the Holy Spirit, advances and will advance. And Its actions, constant and alive, will bring holy fruit in abundance. On the other side, the Church of Rome, Babylon the great, that, animated by another spirit, that is not coming from God but is enemy of Christ, manifests itself and more and more will manifest its evil actions, its spiritually insubstantial work: a work soaked with pure appearance, that does not heat and does not regenerate to a new life, but that burns hearts, annihilates the conscience to make the soul perish.

All those, who want to live the Church of Christ and who want to breathe the pure air of the House of Life will have to be, more and more, animated by good will, to win one’s own “self”; and will have to be animated by a growing desire, to win every snare, to win every temptation, to win the world. And thus be victorious in Christ.

More and more the voice of the Church of Christ will be heard. Because, more and more, the Truth will be proclaimed, so that everyone can reform themselves. All those that have not lost faith, all those that are animated by true faith, are advancing because they want to advance, advancing without stopping before the snares of the enemy. The children of the Church of Christ are advancing and with an act of heart, proceed to win.

Human power will slowly crumble. The boat, which was once holy, but now is driven by humanity and iniquity, more and more will lose the time and will slow its path. And that boat, Babylon, deprived by the Father of the presence of the Holy Spirit, is destined to sink. But Babylon with its actions, still tries to cover everything that is revealed to prove to be still a mother: with charity, with the proximity and with words that are beautiful but empty of every spiritual sense. The inability of Babylon will be more and more visible; discrepancies inside Babylon will be increasingly evident. And, more and more, the hands of Babylon, dirty with the blood of the children of God, will be increasingly visible. Babylon is drunk with the blood of the saints and the blood of the martyrs of Jesus (Rev 17,6).

In all this, the holiness of the true children of Christ will be, more and more, manifested, so that the true Life is defended and the Church of Christ, House of Life, can manifest for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In the Church of Christ, the Father’s Presence is alive. A daily presence, that accompanies the children of Christ to WIN; to go and win; to defend and win; to proclaim and win. The children of Christ should totally and daily abandon themselves to the Will of the Father, separating themselves from the world to live and to make live, already from now, the Kingdom of God in the heart; and so to be daily partakers in the life in Christ.

The children of Mary, New Jerusalem, must have total confidence, in their heart, in the efficacy of prayer: a total confidence that leads to win, not to succumb; a confidence that leads to the certainty of victory. Therefore, every child of the Church of Christ will proclaim every day, with one voice, in the union of hearts, the following prayer for Life:

To you, My Lord, I offer my life, my everyday life. Make me worthy to partake in Your Love to win in Your Name. In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit“(short form).