New Jerusalem Land of Love

New Jerusalem, Land of the Father, God’s home with human beings. The living Tabernacle, prepared for the fulfillment of Father’s salvation and for all His faithful and saint children.

God, the Almighty Father, that wanted to donate this Land to His faithful and saint children, will defend the New Jerusalem from all dangers, so is defended what must remain pure; so is defended the hearts of all the children of God that, in this Land, strongly want to approach His Fatherly Heart and maintain the integrity of faith in the universal Christian teachings.

New Jerusalem, Land of Love, fruit of Mary’s sacrifice, of Mary’s dedication, of Mary’s co-participation to sufferings.

To those who have lost the Way, this Land will give again the essential weapons to go back to living the Christian teachings.

This Earth, Mother Earth, to every heart ready, free and honest, will let savor the holy motherhood, the motherhood that purifies, restores and re-binds the hearts of the children to the Father’s Heart.

This Earth, disowned by many, maligned by many, attacked by many, will bring back the order and discipline, in compliance with God’s Law and in respect of Christian brotherhood, to be able to fully live Christ Way, Christ Truth, Christ Life.

Now more and more the voice of this House rises and will rise up in order that the Christian teachings can never fade in this world. Now, more than ever and even more, these teachings must cross all boundaries, penetrate every street of the world, with the action of the Holy Spirit that proceeds: proceeds to enter into the hearts and to let rediscover the Treasure that many have lost.

This Church, one, holy, universal is the Masterpiece of the Father, given to all people of good will. A Church ready to welcome those who are victims of injustice; a Church ready to embrace those who are persecuted because of their faith in Christ the Saviour; the Church ready to restore, in the heart and soul, all those who are seeking the Truth, in compliance with the UNIVERSAL Law of God the Almighty Father, that does not admit rivalry, that does not admit partiality in full compliance with God’s Law, that demands moral and spiritual holiness.

This is the Law of God the Almighty Father, everlasting, which makes true men and true Christians. In this Church, the filial relationship with the Father is alive and continues.

This church wants to let rediscover the Christian value, the value that must never be bartered with the flatteries of the world. The Christian value must be rediscovered and not exchanged with what the world is. To rediscover, preserve and live the Christian value allows to become children of God in Christ, the Son of God, sent to unify all the people in the only Truth that in God the Almighty Father is.

This Church will cancel, will abolish everything that burdens the people of God, and will give back the dignity of the Father to all the children and to all those who wish to be called children, in exchange of the brotherhood and holiness which must be the essential weapons for a true and lasting relationship.

This is the Church wanted by the Father, made of souls and hearts, willing and available to listen to His Voice and to put into practice His Word, timeless and eternal. With this disposition and with the living will to put into practice all this, there will be no more discord; there will not be infidelity anymore. The untruth will be confined to its place, where God, the Almighty, has chosen.