“Proceed, people of God;
and bear fruit in He who is Fruit”

The Church of Christ advances and always will advance against all those who are animated in the heart by the evil spirit and enemy of God; against all those who form the enemy armies, that want to foment the hearts; against all those that want to penetrate the hearts of the simple to undo what is holy, for the only purpose of confusing, to subdue and put in the centre of each heart, a false man-centred doctrine, that has not foundation in Christ, the man God.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, Church of Christ, Mother Church defends and always will defend the values of Christ, the values of Life, the values of Truth, to proclaim the Life so that Life can be understood, loved and can bear fruit in abundance, to ensure that every person in their everyday life can understand the true meaning of the Life in Christ, the defence of the Life in Christ.

The Church of Christ defends and will defend all those who are undermined in their life, that in their everyday life are burdened by those who, experiencing the world and its logic, do not understand and do not accept those who give their lives in the name of the Truth, in the name of Christ, only Way, only Salvation, only Certainty.

The Church of Christ is fighting and will always fight against those who, animated by a spirit contrary to Christ, wants to extinguish the burning flame that is in the heart of every Christian. The enemies of Christ would like to make hope fade in the hearts of Christians, so that Christians, instead of turning to the Son of God, they turn to the power of the human church, of the church of Rome, that uses the name of God and no longer serve the true God, but a spirit that is contrary and enemy of God.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem will raise in order to manifest the Flame of the true God so that, all the hearts of the children of God and people of good will may feel reinvigorated in the spirit and ardent in the heart so as not to throw the oars on boat, but to be on the Boat guided by Christ, that will scupper the human boat, which was once led by the real Peter and which is now led by the son of iniquity. That boat that is now only human, since the Father has deprived it of the Holy Spirit. That boat that, for convenience, would want to bring the Christian authenticity with it, to sell it off and to water it down; and so to fill it with human foul deeds.

Therefore, the world will increasingly perceive the wrath of God the Father Almighty, that can no longer impassively accept and tolerate that everything that was His (and His should have remained) has been sold off and bartered by men eager and seduced by the greed of human power.

“Come on people of God”. The wrath of the Father is about to befall on Babylon the great, the great Prostitute that has committed fornication with the kings of the earth and the powerful of nations, selling off the Treasure that to her had been entrusted, Christ, the King of Kings Lord of Lords. “Woe to you Babylon”! “The kings of the earth have committed fornication with you and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication” (Rev 17,2). The wrath of the Father will be. “And there were flashes of lightning, rumblings and thunder, accompanied by a great earthquake, of which there had never been the same since men were upon the earth. The great city was divided into three parts, and cities of the nations fell. God remembered of Babylon the great, to give her to drink the cup of wine of His fierce anger” (Rev 16,18-19).

“Come on, people of God. Proceed, holy people, to wave the flag that will lead to true freedom: will lead to the triumph, will win this world”. Then a cry will rise and the world will understand the destruction of Babylon the great, the church of Rome, which will bring the downfall of so many powers.

And the voice of the Son of Man will be heard. “You who have accumulated wealth at the expense of God; all of you, that have magnified yourselves at the expense of God; all of you who have done of the human power the weapon to subdue My children; upon you all the righteousness of the Father will fall, will break the happiness of your banquets, will break the serenity of a false peace, will break the feeling of friendship bringing the disaffection in your hearts, making you arid. And all that you have accumulated, will dry up, because the more you measured your wealth, the more God’s wrath will extent”.

Among the people of the Church of Christ, harmony and serenity will reign; among the people of the Church of Christ there will be more and more holiness as wanted by the Father, so that Christ may reign in every heart.

The children of Christ must proceed with care and thoughtfulness. The children of Christ must move ahead, to lift and to restore the Church that arises, that is born; that Is, that is Life. The children of Christ must proceed so that, in every sphere, the will of the Father is firmly rooted and can manifest in Its shininess.

The children of Christ proceed and bear fruit in He who is fruit, is nourishment, is certainty.