The Ascent to Heaven of Mary

Mary. In front of this Mother every heart of good will is redeemed for Her Love, for the Love received and made Its own to be transmitted.

In front of this Masterpiece, the Masterpiece of God, every heart that loves the Mother regains the Life, the sense of belonging to a Mother’s Heart. A maternal Heart that all has donated and still continues to donate.

Here that day, the day in which is given honor and gratitude to the Mother of God.

After having recognized Her, then occurs the consecration to Her Heart, Immaculate Heart: Mary the Immaculate. This is what humanity has not conceived: abandon themselves and consecrate themselves to the Heart of Mary to receive Grace, Joy and Love.

This is the day to rediscover the belonging to Mary, the consecration of one’s being to Mary, Mother of Jesus and of His children, a Mother who generates, generates, generates the Savior, the One who saves.

Each child is called to consecrate himself to the Heart of Mary to receive the salvation of the Son, from the Son, through the Son.

Day of Ascent, day of manifestation, sublime day of the infinite Love of God.

So as at the end of the written Book is talking about the Mother, about the Son, this is what everyone has to meditate and grow up in the Mother and for the Son, for the Son to the Mother.

Everyone has to meditate now that the iniquity has been established to act.

The Holiness that fights iniquity; the Fruit of Love that fights the vulture; Life that battles death. And all those who want to be part of this Life, to be in the Life, to have the Life, have to fight death and have to manifest Holiness.

On the day when Heaven opened out, Maria embraced all Her children, to let them enjoy the delights of Heaven, to let them taste, touch, so that the delights of Heaven could accompany Her children on this path of Love and Holiness, so that Her Love of Mother could push them beyond themselves to do the will of God.

The will of God is enclosed in that Heart of Baby, a pure Heart that will bring back the Purity, will bring back the Order and will bring back the Merciful Justice, so that everything returns to the origin, so that everything can return to God and shine of the Light of God.

Mary, the New Jerusalem.