The Church of Christ, One, Holy and Universal

Once again the Church of Christ advances and stands to win. She advances against every power, against every attempt of subversion of the Truth, against every actual effort to obstruct the triumphant path of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem. The live will, the dedication of the children of God, will manifest to the world of good will, the divine essence of this Church, which in the substance will bear fruit in abundance.

The Church of Christ Is. The Church of Christ will advance, protected, accompanied and escorted by Mary, so that all those who believe in this Church can make perceive their voice, can make perceive their prayers and can make Christ live in every heart of good will.

Where there is darkness, God’s children will bring light. Where there is injustice, God’s children will bring the merciful Justice of the Father. Where there is pride, the children of God will act with their holiness. The children of God will never withdraw, will never allow inequity and his children to impede the advancement of God’s Spirit, which penetrates the darkness, defeats the darkness and makes burn with certainty the children of Christ and all the people of good will that, approaching God’s children, want to know Christ, Way, Truth and Life.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is the Church of Christ, new and renewed, that renews and purifies, that welcomes and sanctifies. She welcomes all people of good will and pushes the iniquity carriers away; pushes away all those who are the bearers of a false doctrine; will push away all those who, in their heart, live to change what is of God.

This is the Church, One, Holy and Universal. The Church that the saints and the martyrs have awaited.

Now this Church is life, Is, timeless and eternal. Mary, Mother Church, made up of men and saints in the flesh, that testify Christ, with live loyalty, with holy determination and with live courage, proclaim the Truth, One and Holy Truth. The Church that illuminates and make shine the Creation. The Church that fills the Heart of the Father with joy, that sees the Church of His Son advancing, fighting and bringing to fulfilment every word, every Scripture, for the glory of His Name.

The Abomination will be won. Apostasy will be subverted with a deep Loyalty to Christ the Lord.

Here comes the time, of the desertification of hearts.
Here comes the time, that now is, of the subversion of the Word of God. Only a small number of faithful will keep the teaching of the Father alive; and they will be light for all nations.
Here comes the time, that now is, where humanity will be severely tested. Only a small number of faithful will sing praises to the Most High; and they will be spared by God.
Here comes the time, that now is, in which the enemies of God will be many. The Father will shake them with His Justice, to the praise and glory of His Name and His children.

This is the Church of Christ, that is persecuted but advances; She is hampered but surpasses and will surpass the obstacle. The Church of Christ, sign of the infallibility of the Father. «I saw a New Earth and a New Sun. Everything of before is passed. Here is the New Jerusalem, adorned for Her Spouse, Her Sun, Church of Christ, Universal. He will live among them, and He will be God with them. He will wipe away every tear and will donate His grace. Christ our Lord, the Light of all the peoples».