The Church of Christ

In the Church of Christ, echoes the living voice of the Master that, speaking to His children, says: “Come to Me and you will be saved. Come to Me, you oppressed in body and in your heart: you will be refreshed. Come to Me, you seekers of the Truth: and you will find the whole Truth. Come to Me to decrease; and to grow in the Spirit”.

Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Those who believe in Christ, even if they dies, will live.

This is the Church of Christ. The Church of Christ is the House of Life, entrusted to maternal care, for the triumph of the Mystery of the God Child, so that every heart that wants to be refreshed, in Mary and in Her Heart, finds rest and consolation.

The Church of Christ is the dwelling-place of God among men. It must be loved, respected, lived, in brotherhood and holiness to be true witnesses of God’s House, of every His teachings, to do and to live the will of the Father who welcomes every child who wants to be reborn to a new life; that welcomes every child willing to put into practice His will; that welcomes every child who wants to embody the fundamental principles of Christianity, in essence and in substance.

In the Church of Christ there is the essential and substantial nourishment. Nothing the children of the Church of Christ will miss, how much more their hearts will be inclined to do the Father’s will.

Christ jealously safeguards His church and the holy hearts that want to live in His Church.
In the Church of Christ there is not and there must never be the envy.
In the Church of Christ there is not and there must never be constraint.
In the Church of Christ there is not and there must never be anything that is not holy.
In the Church of Christ there is not and there must never be what in the past has been in many hearts.

The Church of Christ is the White Island, the Dwelling-place of God, where the purity of faith in Christ is defended and will be defended. And the purity of faith will be transmitted, announced and proclaimed, to let understand how to live God, how to live in the Dwelling of God, how to testify Christ every day. And to let comprehend how, in live will and with sincerity of heart, how to rely on Mary, the Mother Church, universal Mother, New Jerusalem. Starting from this, the true children of God start their way to rise into the depths of the Father’s Heart. More the children will unclothe themselves of their humanity so much more they will know and will experience the intimacy with God.

This is the jealous treasure to safeguard and, at the same time, to let understand in the example of life, that every son of the Church of Christ must be able to manifest, in Joy, in Peace, in Sincerity, in Love, to spread what is Christ , to manifest the only Spirit that conveys the infinite Love of the Father.

Here the action of the Spirit that, through His children, crosses all barriers, disrupts the daily life, make you to blaze of certainty, so that every child, in freedom and with sincere heart, can invoke the Father and relying on the Father in totality. The more God’s children will be alive in the teaching of the Church of Christ and more they will witness the spirituality of the Church of Christ, much more the Church of Christ will be respected and loved.

The children of the Church of Christ are called to testify that they belong to the Mother Church.

The children of the Church of Christ are called to demonstrate their coherence and their will to carry out all that the Church of Christ has to fulfill.

The children of the Church of Christ are called to enter in everyone’s heart, with the weapons that Mary has taught: with Humility, with Strength, with Sweetness, with Simplicity, so that faith and loyalty to Christ and to the Mystery of God can influence hearts, burn hearts; and put the seed of the Father’s Love in every heart. A Father who seeks His children. Children who, over the time, have not been welcomed, have not been understood, have not been accompanied to be able to live, to understand, to love the Father: on one side for the awareness of many who claimed to be ministers of God but who administered their own “self “; on the other side by the will of the many children who, instead of putting God first, tried to satisfy their own “self”, using the things of God.

The Church of Christ is one, holy and universal. And it will defend what belongs to God; it will defend those who belong to God; it will defend the Truth.

The Church of Christ, the Mystical Body of Christ, cannot be a bargaining chip. The Church of Christ accompanies, to let to live in holiness, all those children that burn to put in practice the holiness.

The Church of Christ will go towards who has sacrificed, in whole or in part, their own lives to be able to wait the gaze of the Father, that welcomes, unites and sanctions with His Spirit. Not to run away from a house to seek refuge in another where others think that everything is easier. The New Jerusalem must be lived in human seriousness and live spirituality, being first men and then Christians. In the Church of Christ we encounter God.

The Church of Christ is the living Tabernacle.

Following the Way of Christ entails holiness, devotion, sacrifice, and much, much holy involvement that makes the soul breath and inflames the hearts, because you are at presence of the Father.

In His Church, Christ is present in Spirit and Truth. Christ listens, lives, sees. Many await; Christ also is waiting, because He wants to give joy to His children, to manifest the vitality of His Church, to tell the world that the children of Christ are intact in faith; to tell the world that those who live in His house, those who live His Church are saints.

This is the dignity that you receive in the Church of Christ: a dignity that must be daily increasingly enhanced, with loving obedience and in the living brotherhood. Brotherhood: what in the world does not exist anymore.

God the Almighty Father bless the Church of Christ, now and forever, so that the world may see and be converted; listen and be purified; decreases to converge in Christ, Way, Truth and Life.