The Creation listens to the Truth

Not only the hearts listen to the word of God: even the Creation listens to the Truth and, in its beauty, transmits It.
A Creation that has been disfigured. A Creation that at man’s hand is increasingly enslaved and subjugated. Here it is that HUMANITY, that no longer lives in God’s grace, will even hear the screams of the Creation, that will rebel against the anti-morality; will rebel against all those actions that want to change, to transform … the path of nature.

For a long time, the Creation has been silent. For a long time, the Creation has given MANIFESTATION and evidence of the respect that everyone must have to not overturn the natural cycle of things and life. The human carelessness will taste the awakening that nature will make hear through the Will of God. The pure in heart, the innocent, the observers of the law of God will gather together in prayer relying on their Father, in a filial surrender. The others will continue to rebel and the hand of the Father will be grave on them.

Just and holy is the fear of God. And for that holy fear, many will be saved. The Church of Christ, One, Holy and Universal, transmits and increasingly will transmit Her belonging to God, the respect for God, the sonship, the true sonship, that in Christ, Son of God, is alive.

The Church of Christ, united, will make know, live and hear the celestial melody, which will redeem many hearts, will win in many hearts and will make many pharaohs succumb.

History teaches that God wins. The Work of God is realized; God’s children rejoice.

This is the Faith in the True and Triune God. The Faith that saves. The Faith that makes you able to face and overcome by heart every adversity; the one true Faith that makes you able to climb mountains to be all one with God.

Now the true, holy and spontaneous faith will make the difference in many hearts, that have been able to keep, feed and live It along the time.

This Church, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, the essence of the Father, the substance of Mary, will increasingly welcome and spread. In Her essence of Mother, She will make enjoy more and more the live taste of heavenly delights, so that the virtues dear to Mary, may shine in the hearts of all those women who look to Mary to be alive and holy, pure and perfect, humble and docile.

This will make the Church of Christ win. One for all and all for One.