The Divine Spirit is alive in Christ’s Church

The Divine Spirit, in union with the Father and the Son, is alive in Christ’s Church and blows to renew in Christ, with Christ and for Christ, all those hearts that make and will increasingly make this Church – Mother Church, New Jerusalem – alive; those hearts that will give honour to the Father to sanctify once again all that the enemy of God wants to stain.

The Holy Spirit penetrates the hearts of the children faithful to Christ that, surrendering to His Heart, will be enriched with His Love and His living Presence. The lymph of Christ will be holy nourishment for all His children and will bring every heart to live and rediscover the life in Christ, with Christ and for Christ; and making them rediscover the life in Her, the One that, by giving Herself, has become Gift to humanity, that has given Herself to donate Her Son, salvation for the whole world.

The Spirit of Truth will manifest the presence of the Father to the adrift humanity, both believers and non-believers, to those who live in this world and those who, after having lived it, are about to experience the Father and to realize His eternal Presence. All those who have kept the burning desire to know, to seek, to find God in their hearts, will be rewarded. The presence of the Father will be a condemnation for those who have fought Him, for those who have forgotten Him, for those who have not taken in account that they have TO SUBMIT before the Supreme Judge.

The Spirit of Truth will make humanity feel the peremptory, sudden and holy action of the Father. The Spirit of Truth WILL ACCOMPANY the holy people of God to rise: to continue to rise, to MANIFEST the Face of God. The Spirit of Truth will dispense the grace of the Father so that every CHILD may feel the essence and the substance of His living FATHERHOOD.

The Holy Spirit lives and blows in the Church of Christ, to more and more amalgamate the hearts of the faithful in Christ, the hearts of the faithful of this Land, Land of Love, UNIVERSAL Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, live and holy Land that gives and will always give Life; will always defend Life; will make the vitality shine to bring every heart back to the initial Project of the Father, when the Spirit blew and gave Life, granted Life, FOR Love, with Love, because the Love of the Father is great and infinite.

This is and will be the victory of God’s children, the double victory in Heaven and on Earth. And true testimony will be given of the living presence and the living victory of Christ over humanity; that humanity that does not understand, does not welcome and does not live; and that, instead, through the holy children of God, will be example of understanding, of SHARING, of deep and genuine brotherhood.
The Holy Spirit binds the hearts of the faithful of the Church of Christ even more, so that they may be the anchor of salvation of the Father, for everyone. The true children of God will remain merged in Christ, to make everyone know, live and love Mary, She who brought forth the Son of God, that is still misunderstood and, by many, never known in His essence and in His substance.

The Divine Spirit is present in the Church of Christ and continually blows to make the children of God free, VICTORIOUS and Saints. The Church of Christ fights the world. The Church of Christ overcomes the world. The Church of Christ is proven but is redemptive. The carriers of iniquity will feel disaffection, death, unhappiness and the justice of Christ.

The Divine Spirit comes and always will come, to dissolve every chain, to give to the children and to remove from the stepchildren, that for human love, jealously keep for themselves what belongs to God. And the seal of the INTERVENTION of the Divine Spirit will be visible.