The real proselytism of Christ and the wrath of God on Babylon

God the Father Almighty is the One who Is. “I Am” is the Supreme Authority. Every power, every bond, every transverse bond that unites the human powers, will be dissolved in front of the divine Authority. The measure of the Father is full to the brim. In His divine Authority, God the Father Almighty pronounces His judgment. Every controversy, every human dictatorship will succumb to the divine Authority.

God the Father Almighty, in His Authority, has issued His indictment against any power that fights, and has fought, the Spirit of God, that in the Church of Christ is alive. Humanity will be taken by surprise. The humanity will see the events with profound surprise. Humanity will be made guilty for having accepted the falsehood, that in the iniquity is alive. But in front of the Authority of the Father, everything bends.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem does not chase, but advances. The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is the outpost of the action of the Father. The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, made of hearts, will manifest loyalty and steadfastness in Christ, the only Lord, the only Master, the only Saviour. The stones of the world will fall and will roll, causing screams, cries and lamentations. And the lamentations will produce even more sins against God. Many will blaspheme the name of God. But the people faithful to God, that the Father has formed, will continue the path that leads to His Merciful and Just Heart.

Heaven has betimes made understood, through Its heralds, the behaviour to adopt with the things of God. Humankind has been betimes warned that the gap between humanity and divinity was growing. It was betimes said: «Do not tempt the Lord your God». Now the wrath of God, the Father Almighty, befalls on every power, on those who, at the hand of the iniquity – which is Babylon -, increase the barriers to try to stop the true Christianity. But the true Christian will advance, proclaiming the Truth, that humankind does not want to hear, because the Truth hurts. Because they would want that the Word of God be only mercy and never merciful justice.

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Triune God will make the Christian authenticity advance, because the world may see, may hear and may live the advance and the triumph of the little population of God. The pure in heart will live all this, those who, bare of every form of spirituality, will welcome the Spirit of the Father, believing in the people wanted by God and wanting to cling to this people to survive and arrive to the true life, which is Christ the Lord.

The rest of Israel will fall with Babylon: Babylon the great, the great whore, she who has prostituted herself with the world attracting the wrath of the Father; Babylon, she who has profaned the name of Christ and has sold-off the blood of the martyrs of God, those who in the name of Christ have sacrificed their lives abandoning themselves to Him to win the world, never ceasing to proclaim His Name, Christ Saviour because – as Saint Paul wrote, the Apostle of all the Gentiles – in the name of Christ «every knee should bow, in Heaven, on Earth and under Earth; and every tongue proclaims that Jesus Christ is the Lord, to the glory of God the Father» (Phil 2,10-11).

This is the true proselytism of Christ. The Universal Christian Church of New Jerusalem, the Church of Christ, will always be faithful to Christ and always will proclaim and announce the name of Christ to all nations so that every person, every nation and every people, invoking the name of Christ will be saved! The church of Rome has disowned the proselytism, has disowned the essence and substance of the teachings of Christ; and the Father’s wrath will cut and will befall on her. Every emanation of Babylon will be razed to the ground, so that, even in this, the falsehood falls. The sign of the times will make understand that, what brought worship to another cult, to the enemy of God, will no longer be.

The angels and the saints will come to the rescue of the people of God. The earth will open and swallow in its bowels, all the deniers of Christ’s action, all those who have disfigured the Vineyard of the Father, all those who have profaned His name and the name of Her who by grace is Mother, Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, the living Tabernacle that contains the infinite.

The Christian ignorance will be shaken. And many Christians that have entered in the deep sleep of a lukewarm and sweetened faith, will awake and understand that they cannot continue to stay in their hibernation in Babylon. Peoples and nations will no longer be. And the Church of Christ will regenerate every flower, so that all nations may again contemplate the Face of the Father and enjoy His delights and be with Christ, in Christ and through Christ for eternity.

Every said Word is fulfilled. Every Scripture is fulfilled. The scandal will be great, the Justice of the Father will be total, and, starting from the human nature, will be completed in the spiritual justice. Every Pharaoh will beat his chest in front of the Father’s Authority that in His children is manifested.

«Look upwards, people of God; face the enemy and win».
«Look upwards, people of the living God; and manifest pride in holiness».
«Look upwards, holy people, because in the meantime the Fire of Father will purify the Earth».