The redemption of the children of God

God the Almighty Father, Good, Caring and Righteous Father, wants to bring close to His heart all those children who let themselves be heated by the Flame of His Love.

God the Father Almighty wants to heat the hearts of His children with the living Flame that gushes from His Heart of Merciful and Righteous Father, to inflame all those hearts that are, and will be, inclined and available to do His Will, all those hearts that are, and will be, inclined to retreat from their human nature up to disappear and to become saints, the saints of the Church of Christ.

Church of Christ: Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem. The Church wanted by the Father, the Church of Mary. Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem: She who welcomes, holds tight and gives Her maternal warmth in union with Christ the Lord.

This is the effusion of the Spirit of this Church, that wants to donate Sapience and Holiness, that wants to make live the maternal essence in every heart, the substance of Her who is the Universal Mother, and that through Her Lord gives Herself, to accept and to make all the faithful understand the living, holy and universal fidelity.

The children of God who want to warm themselves with the living Flame, that flows from the Heart of the Father, must approach the Church of Christ with purity of heart, with live Will and with total abandon to all that the Flame transmits, makes live, makes be.

God the Father Almighty wants His children to be ardent witnesses of Christ the Lord. The true children of God bear witness, with their daily life and with a sublime spirituality, Christ the living Bread which came down from Heaven, the only One who saves, the Saviour of the world. The martyrs of yesterday are united, in the communion of hearts, to martyrs of today to offer to Christ the Lord their own lives, their own daily lives, to participate in His love and so to win in His Name.

This is the redemption of God’s children, who have broken the chains of the world, who have broken the chains of slavery, who have broken the chains of those who wanted to hold the spiritual power. One is the Spirit. That which proceeds from the Father and the Son, that in the Son is manifested, to make free, renewed and saint. One is the Church, Holy and Universal. The Spirit of the Father animates and gives life to the Church of Christ. Where the Spirit of the Father Is, there is the Church of Christ.

This is the action of the Church of Christ: fight pitfall, fight iniquity, fight all those who make of their falsity … their everyday life. Christ is the Way, Christ is the Truth, absolute; Christ is the Life that wins death. Christ, the Lord of Life, wants to revive the living dead to new Life, so that God’s children can live, already from now, the Kingdom that in Christ already Is.

God the Father Almighty will make the hearts of His children alive. God the Father Almighty will increasingly make His children alive, so that the voice to transmit the true Word of God can never be taken away from them.

The Justice of the Father advances, arrives and concludes, where there is no more motivation to be alive.