The time of the Merciful Justice of the Father now begins. The Church of Christ rises and welcomes the will of the Father

The Church of Christ is animated by the Holy Spirit, that proceeds from the Father and the Son. A Spirit that advances, that fills the hearts with the holiness that comes from the Father, to strengthen these hearts in their loyalty to the Son of God, to strengthen these hearts through His Spirit, so that the true children of God can go around the world and manifest the Christian essence and the substance of a true and tangible faith, a faith that converts every man and every woman of good will to a correct, consistent and sound life, to be an alive and active part of the Thought of God.

The spirit that animates the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is the Spirit of holiness, of consistency and of authenticity. This Spirit manifests the essence of this Church, a Church that belongs to the Father and that in Mary, New Jerusalem, is alive. A Church that advances, proceeds, dynamically, which does not adapt to reality, but makes understand how reality has to be lived, in the essential Christianity, in the authentic Christianity, in the live Christianity, in Christ Way, Truth and Life.

All those who inhabit the Church of Christ; all those who want to join the Church of Christ, must prepare their hearts to receive the Spirit that comes from the Father and, through the Son, penetrates their hearts, so that they may let themselves be moulded to His own image and likeness. All must be animated by the coherence and the vivid conversion of their heart to Christ, the Living Bread descended from Heaven to mould to new life every heart willing to accept His will.

In the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, the spirit of service must be alive, well disposed towards our brothers, in order to live a true and concrete brotherhood; and to manifest to the world the union, the union, the true union with our brothers and with Christ.

In doing so, the Father’s House, the New Jerusalem, will manifest Herself; the House where Its children are animated by good will. A House where the children live in harmony and equilibrium. The House where children grow in holiness and in loyalty, in order to fulfil the Will of the Father, to be an example of how to be righteous and holy, good and brave, true and authentic Christians, in comparison to a world that engulfs and then abandons; a world that increasingly rages against those who want to bring the Light of Christ to the world. A world that rages against the Church of Christ, because it is in the grip of an anti-Christian spirit that wants to scatter its own christian roots and actions, with the aim to forget and thus to be able to welcome another message that does not come from God but is based on a false friendship, on a false communion, on a false mercy, on a false … holiness.

For this reason, the world will be shaken. Many nations will mourn; others will be looted because of their immodesty and their behaviour that does not coincide with an honest Christian life. The Father’s actions will be manifested and will begin hitting and Babylon will begin to cry; the fury of the Father will come down in defence of the Church of Christ, the New Jerusalem, to win and show His living presence in the Holy City to the deniers of God’s actions. (Rev 16,19)

The glance of Love of Mary is alive on all the children of God. The Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, in Her eternal service to the Father, instils in the hearts of Her children, Her essence of Mother, Her Holy Queenship. She will fight in protection of Her children to demonstrate to everyone that the abandonment to the Father’s Will is tantamount to the victory, the victory of the Church of Christ, that will triumph over the underworld, over the enemies of God, over the oppressors and all those who on this Earth hold the power and legislate with greed.

«Father, may Your eternal Will be done, to make it clear to all hard hearts, that where the Goodness of God dwells, there is Mary; where the children of God are, there is Mary, Mother Church, that with Her motherly care and living presence, watches over and defends Your Land of Love, the New Jerusalem, and all those who, in this Land, worship You in Spirit and Truth. To Your praise and glory, Holy Father, for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Daughter, Bride and Mother, that serves You with vitality and fruitful spirit».

The dragon and his children are attacking. The Church of Christ and the children of God, in obedience to God the Father Almighty, and in honour of the Most Holy Name of Mary, rise to fight back and declare the Truth; they rise to declare the Life; they rise to proclaim to the Father: «Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, as in Heaven, so on Earth».

One time, two times and half of a time. The time of the Merciful Justice of the Father now begins.