The understanding of the true Life in Christ

Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, on this solemn anniversary, wants to make, all Her children and all people of good will, understand what it is and what it means to love God, to join in communion with God, to live God, to desire to live God, to be moulded in Him, go with Him, live for Him, Good Father, Right, Live, who makes live, who wants His children to live, who wants every creature to become “child” by the virtue of understanding His Son.

To understand all this, to live all this, to get closer to God, one must overcome the world. And the world is overcome by cancelling and winning our own “self”, with full and complete will, that is to subdue one’s own “self” and makes live God. So, here is the gift that comes from the Father through the Son, and arrives to every heart. Centre of every heart: Christ, the Son of God, that breaks down every barrier and that in His word, in the universality of His Language, repulses the pitfall, annihilates every thought contrary to that of the Father and gives Holiness back to everyone; makes rediscover the sonship even to those who only in words declare themselves His Son; and makes draw near those who are far from the Truth, so that they may be clothed of His Light in order to live the Son of God, that in the Father Is.

In this is manifested the essence and the substance to be in the Father, for the Father, an all in one with the Son; repulsing every human logic, repulsing all thoughts that lead to water down, to shatter, to sweeten the Word of the Father, that in His Son is Life. The Word cannot be changed to respect the susceptibility of others. Now as then, the language of God’s children must be unique: “yes, yes; no, no”. Christ, the Son of God, came into the world to bring humanity back to the Father, sacrificing His own life, dying on the Cross in order to make win the Life, the true Life, that must be …. and should have been in every heart. This is the meaning of Life. This is living the Father.

Christ came to break down the divisions. Christ came to break down paganism. Christ came to break down every idol, that was born in the hearts of many creatures. Christ, the Messiah, the Godsent, the One who conjoins to the Father, the One through who to be in true communion with the Father, sent in Mary’s bosom to be donated to humankind; so that humanity is modelled, purified, won; so that the children of God and all people of good will can raise their eyes to Heaven and thank the Father for having unified the people, unified the thought of everyone in His Thought.

The freedom that the Father has given to humankind, has led the game of the history of the Church of Christ. And in His infinite mercy, the Father again gives His Son to humanity to restore what freedom has meanwhile violated. This is the essence, pure and true, without adding anything of our own. Nothing can be added to what comes from the Father, Triune; Triune; Triune. The rest comes from the evil one, that seeks to break this unbreakable bond between the Father and His children; between the Mother and Her children. The evil one tries to corrupt the consciences and hearts, to bring everyone down in the deception and to propose to many a new way, that draws away from the Triune God; from Christ, Way, Truth and Life; from Mary, His and ours Mother, that having found, for grace, complacency in the eyes of the Father, has been raised to the rank of the Son, Christ, Her Lord.

Everything else is artfully created to manifest the power, to shatter what is of God and that of God should have remained. What matters is the essence; the substance makes live in fullness. Christ. This is the focal point of the life of every Christian. No need to get lost in futile words that feed moral, spiritual and human divisions. The human nature and the lust for power have brought divisions also among Christians. What is important for every Christian is to win the world by winning one’s “self”, seeking the union in Christ, through Christ and with Christ. This is to love the Son of God. Christ means conversion. Christ means purification. Christ means: «Thou shalt have no other God but Me».

This is the heart of the universality of the message of the Father, that in His Son is based. This is the centre of the message that this Church, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, brings to the world.

Here it is that the Church of Christ brings in Itself the substance of the Father. A Church that wants first to transmit the Father’s Law, which is manifested in Christ, and then transmit Its total holiness, so that those who oppose the Plan of Love and Redemption, for the glory and honour to the Father, will be defeated and perish for eternity.

Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, welcomes all Her children and all those who are animated by good will, to consecrate everyone in the Name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit, that proceeds from the Father and the Son, to chase away, to burn and win the mendacity and everything that the mendacity produces. «Woe to you, bearers of a false doctrine. Woe to you, that want to exchange the sacred with the profane, to desecrate that which comes from the Father».

Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, with the Archangel Michael again stands in defence of Her children to win the iniquity. Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, the New Jerusalem, now and always will win. And all of Her children who recognize in Christ, the Son of the Living God, the only Truth that saves, will inherit the eternal Life, gift of the Father to humanity.