To live the Church of Christ is Salvation

The Heart of God the Father Almighty lives the Church of Christ daily, so that the hearts of His children may live their everyday life in holiness, in union with Christ, in adoration of Mary, Eternal Maiden, that with motherly Heart, maternal care, maternal offering and live Will has accompanied, grown, fortified Her children in their faith, in the true God, in the Son of God. This is the living example that allows and will allow the children of God to be authentic Christians, willing in their spirit, warriors of the army of Mary.

«There was a great roar, in Heaven, on earth and under the earth, as was never heard».

For the enemies of God, the wrath of the Father Is and increasingly will be. For the children of God, the glory. The glory of Mary, that with Her prayer, with Her co-participation, has lived, lives to make live Her children. The glory of the Son of God, that many have lost, that many have disowned and others have soiled: the Sacrifice of the Son of God, internalized by His Friends. The sacrifice of Christ has spurred the hearts of His Friends to give life to His Creature, His Church, the Church of Christ, ready to welcome and to give dignity back to all the creatures of God, those who, having recognized the Son of God in Christ, have become His children. And they have allowed the Spirit to penetrate the hearts, to permeate the hearts and to proceed, to go, so that the proclamation of the Son of God could arrive in every corner, to wake consciences and run, to go, to embrace Him who the Father had sent, to re-establish order, restore the dignity so that, once again, what the Father had issued could be respected: His Law, which allowed each heart of good will to live in full sanctity, in the respect that must be given to the Father and in respecting reciprocal fellowship.

In doing so, the peoples and nations would have lived in holiness, in holy collaboration and total union with Him who is Life. But mankind has broken all this: the selfishness, the greed of power, the use of God’s power to become arrogant and to prostitute themselves with the world, accumulating wealth, honour and respect. Consequently, the sacrifice of the Friends of the Son of God … little by little has been lost; and no longer the Spirit has been allowed to guide the hearts, to freely circulate.

Once again, the Father has allowed so that nothing and no one could say: “Where are you? What are you waiting for?” God the Almighty Father is the One who Is. “I Am”, the Holy Father, the Good and Just Father, He is not obliged to do what many would want or judge right or wrong, according to the human times and the human logics. God the Father Almighty has sent, in the history, His Envoys to warn, to stem and stop the iniquity before it was too late, to restore that holy union, among the children and the Father, that holy was to remain. One time, two times, half of a time. The Justice of the Father is now!

Here is the Church of Christ, Way, Truth and Life. And the Father asks total abandonment, live awareness, holy authenticity to this Way, to this Truth and to this Life, so that every believer of this Church, every faithful of this Church, every child of God’s Son, may live; and transmit vitality, that is given as a gift by the Father, so that the Spirit keeps moving, to wake the hearts and donate to the hearts the full and total holiness, that is queen in this Church, just as Mary, New Jerusalem, is Mother and Queen.

In the heart of every believer, the Church of Christ will infuse the virtues that are in the heart and in the bosom of Mary, the Sublime, She who has become Coredemptrix, She who, lowering Herself, has been elevated to win the world. Mary, faithful spouse, is present at the side of Her children. Mary once again will crush the inequity’s head. Mary once again will crush the unclean spirit. Mary Is and always will be. Mary, She who is Daughter, Spouse and Mother. Mary, the New Jerusalem.

So, while in a house, that once was and now is not anymore, the closing of the curtain will go on stage, in the House of the Father, in His Dwelling, the White Island, the Light Is and will be Lamp for all peoples. And the Father and all His children will hear the weeping and the gnashing of teeth of those who, for one hour of success, have lost everything.

The children of Christ, with burning spirit, will seal their hearts; and with live spirit, will affix the holy mark in the hearts of those who, wanting to live the true sonship, want to be now and forever in Christ, with Christ and for Christ. And God the Father Almighty will welcome in His Holy Heart, every prayer of His children, every holy thought, so that the thoughts of God’s children may win their humanity and, more and more, give space to the Spirit to act in them, to arrive to the heart of all the men and women of goodwill.

Here is the proselytism of the Church of Christ, the universality of the Christian message, the only vehicle that now, in these hard and difficult times, brings the Holy Spirit that proceeds from the Father and the Son; and through the Son arrives to the heart of His children to brighten the world, cancel the darkness and give force, brilliance and purity to His children.

The children of God are called to be strong, united and saints. And with a correct and holy example, they will have to know how to transmit the Will of the Father, with mildness and strength, with sincerity and consistency, with passion and enthusiasm. And in this way let themselves be permeated by the Spirit of the Living God, which is given to everyone. And according to the opening of the heart, It comes in and acts to bear fruit.

To Live the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, essence and substance of the Son of God and Heart of the Mother of God, is Salvation. Salvation must be earned, day after day, in one’s own everyday life, without tempting God the Father Almighty, because who tempts the Father, will lose himself.