Feast of Corpus Christi

Gospel: Mark 14,12-16;22-25

June 3rd, 2018
Homily of the Pontiff Samuel


Today the Church celebrates Corpus Christi, a great feast for all Christendom. To celebrate the feast of the Body of Christ, living Bread descended from Heaven, means to immerse ourselves deeply in the Mystery of Christ that becomes Bread to donate Himself to all those who want to be part of It so to become one with Christ and, in the full accomplishment, as He is. Joining to Christ is to live in communion with His Heart.

In this Land of Love, the Father has given us a part of Himself so that everyone could be satiated and watered (“take and eat It, drink”, Mt 26:26-28, Mk 14:22-24), so to refresh the heart and spirit, returning to be pure as children, innocent as doves (Mt 10:16b) and strong as true Christians who fight to win, to defend and to proclaim the Truth to all.

The Father Here has re-established His Church, One, Holy and Universal, to ensure that the Bread descended from Heaven would never have been mixed with all what the world offers, with other breads that have nothing divine, nothing holy, nor pure, nor essential and substantial. Here, in His White Island, the Father wants to preserve the pureness of the authentic faith in Christ, which cannot be mixed with other so-called religious philosophies, which have nothing to do with the authenticity of Christian faith.

He who mixes the living Bread descended from Heaven (Jn 6:51) with what does not come from Heaven, is changing the authenticity of the living Bread come down from Heaven. Its fragrance and Its genuineness are changed; and so Its essence and thus its substance are changed. This is what has happened in another house, which has contaminated that Bread with all what is world, making the original Bread lose Its specific characteristic: to be essential and substantial nourishment for all God’s sons, who, because of this, have been deprived, in that house, of the living nourishment that the Father, through Christ, had donated them. He who is making believe to want to nourish God’s sons but in reality has rejected Christ, selling‑off Christ and mixing Him with other so-called religious philosophies that do not recognize Him as the Son of the Living God, is deceiving the sons of God, in full awareness of what is being done. Not a mistake, not an error, but a real awareness of the project that is being carried out. And this makes the difference with what has happened in the history of Christianity, where many – it’s true – have mistaken, even those – the successors of St. Peter – who shouldn’t have done that at all. But now we are in the presence of something different: not a mistake of a few, but a clear project that undermines the foundations of Christianity in full awareness. This is the difference, which is essential and substantial; and which has determined the intervention of the Father in history.

This is why the Father, in His omnipotence, in this Land of Love has re-established His Church, re-founding Her, so to not deprive God’s sons of the essential and substantial nourishment that is Christ, the living Bread descended from Heaven. «Nourish yourselves. Fill yourselves. Taste Its fragrance. Taste Its essence. Taste, so to be merged in Him and to become a single amalgam that bears fruit in abundance». From the tree, we can recognise the fruits and from the fruits we can recognise the Truth: if the Tree is good the fruits are good (Mt 7:18, Mt 12:33, Lk 6:43); if the Bread is uncontaminated the fruits are candid, so to satisfy the need of all those who come here seeking the Bread, the only Bread, which is the Way, the Truth and Life (Jn 14:6).

Here, in this Land of Love, we live the Mass. Here, we are and we live in communion with the Father. To be in communion with the Father means to fulfil His will, respecting His Commandments and living His authentic teachings, which in Christ are manifested. This is the essence of Christianity, which from this Land of Love, wants to reveal itself to the whole world, to bring the people together in a single embrace, under a single vexillum, in the one and only Sign: Christ, living Bread among the peoples (Jn 6:51).

This is the distinction between a house that wants to propose and make people taste a bread good only in appearance but that is contaminated in the essence and in the substance by a non-holy spirit, which leads to death; and another House, this Church, which by the power of the Holy Spirit, gives and distributes the Bread of Life, the true Life, which is Christ.

In a house, which is in ruins, a spiritual decadence is experienced. In that house, life is lived only in appearance. In that house there is no longer substance. Life is lived without sacrifice and “the” Sacrifice is no longer there. And the appearance, which is not substance, which is not nourishment, is provoking – it has already provoked – the estrangement of many sons from the true Christian essence. Many of those who claim to be Christians have actually lost the essence of being so, because they have been deprived of the essential and substantial nourishment, of the true Bread descended from Heaven, which is Christ and His authentic teachings.

What happened in the past few days, in Ireland, which many considered the last stronghold of Christianity, of Catholicism, is a clear example. The overwhelming majority of the people of that nation, which define themselves as Catholics, has voted, through a referendum, in favour of a law that allows to suppress the lives of the innocents in their mothers’ womb. But God the Father Almighty, the Supreme Lawgiver, has commanded to not kill (Ex 20:13, Dt 5:17, Mt 5:21). No man can go against God’s Law. This is all the more true for men or women who profess to be Christians.

What clearly emerges is that the conscience of today’s Christians must be re-awakened, re-founded, re-formed, so to bring everything and everyone back to the original thought of the Father, who through Christ, wants to lead His people back to live His Law, not out of obligation but by love, by choice: a choice of Love of the sons towards the Father, because they love this Father, they love His Heart, they want to remain in communion with His Heart. If a son says he loves his father but does not do what his father wants, what kind of love is it? Even humanly I ask today, to all of you, fathers and mothers who are here listening. Whoever wants to do the will of his father (or mother), respects his commandments, his teachings. This is to live in communion, to receive communion, to be in communion (Jn 15:10).

In order for this to happen, Christians must be nourished by the good and uncontaminated Bread, which is Christ. Not by a humanized bread, steeped of humanity, and – as we say – of “humanism”, which has nothing more of Christ. In some cases, only the name remains: the name of Christ is used, but in substance and essence It is no longer lived. This is what is happening, even and especially at the top of that house; for they no longer want – and above all no longer can – nourish the Christian people with the living Bread descended from Heaven. In that house, they want to keep the people in ignorance, subjugating them, making them believe – but only apparently – to love God, to defend His Laws, but in reality they are doing the opposite. Only propaganda. Only appearance. But without essence. And without substance. And so the Christian people die. Without the true, essential and substantial nourishment, the consciences are first made to doze and then slowly let die. This explains the unstoppable decadence of Christianity in all Nations: in this Nation, in the Catholic and Christian Nations of this Continent and so in the whole world.

Christianity cannot be lived only in appearance. Christianity is or is not. We either live Christ to the full or we do not live Him at all. The time has come – and it is now – in which Christians can no longer remain in the middle. “You either are hot or cold”, it was said by the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation. In these end times there is no room for the lukewarm, because they will be spitted out, regurgitated by the mouth of God, as it is written in the book of Revelation (Rev 3:15-16).

This does not mean – understand me well – being fundamentalists, as the Roman pontiff has stated and repeatedly affirmed (he said this also about St. Francis, not explicitly, but denying everything that St. Francis has done to try to convert all those who did not belong to the true religion: by him going to them, not letting them come and dominate). This means wanting to be truthful and authentic, for wanting to remain united to Christ in all the essential values. So I repeat again: not appearances, not propaganda but substance. Who is hungry, does not feed on chatters. Who is hungry for Christ wants to be nourished by His Bread, true and authentic, so to remain in communion with His Heart and to live His Mass, which here, in this Land of Love, is “alive, continuous and throbbing”, as Jesus revealed to His Maiden and as many of you remember. People cannot be left in ignorance by the blackmail of “excommunications” (but if there is no longer communion with the Father’s Heart, what value does that excommunication have? Only human but certainly not divine) or by wanting to make believe to be the only one having the “power” to “give the bread”. Religion can never become a “power”, because when it becomes so, it dies. This power is given by God the Father Almighty to who is faithful to Him, to who, in the essence and substance, respects and teaches to respect God’s teachings, without distortions, without denying Christ, without selling Him off, mixing Him with something else, calling Him “devil”, “snake”, “so ugly to disgust”.

Many Christians have lost conscience of what to be and to live as Christians means. This is the consequence of the theory of the “new humanism”, taught by many and by the Roman pontiff who, speaking to the powerful of the world, has repeatedly reaffirmed, claiming to dream of a “humanistic Europe” that puts man back at the centre. The man or God, the Man‑God Jesus Christ? The difference is substantial. Which humanism? A Christian humanism or an anti-Christian humanism, that puts man at the centre in opposition to God, to Christ, a humanism that leads man to think to be self-sufficient even without God, to be able to manage without God?

In recent days, even the president of the conference of Italian bishops of the Church of Rome, in his speech to the new president of the Italian Council of Ministers, has referred to this humanism. I tell you: Italian people need something else. I say this with humility and respect for those who are preparing to govern this people. This is my wish, so that those who are called to govern, may accomplish their task, putting the common good at the centre, so to allow this people to live in the true welfare, in the true fairness, so that no one ever loses their dignity. This is why many should have a job so to not lose their dignity: the real emergency for many.

Italian people must defend their Christian roots, should be able to keep their Christian tradition alive, looking to Christ, to the Man God, who has always walked head‑on and with a straight back, never yielding to any blackmail of those who would have wanted to use Him for then to throw Him away. The true brotherhood, the true union is based on mutual respect, of peoples and nations; and respects the traditions and peculiarities of every people and nation, enforcing duties and, at the same time, never failing to ensure the rights. The true union, manifested in the brotherhood, does not crush or take advantage of other members, imposing a single thought, exasperating the bases of nations, calling only some to their duties.

This is my keen hope for those who are now preparing to rule this nation. And the more this will succeed, the more we will enjoy the favour of the Father, who has chosen this Land of Love for the final fulfilment of His Project of Salvation for humanity; the Place the Father has wanted as His Dwelling and where there is the direct contact with the living Bread which is Life, which gives true Life.

Here, there is the closeness of the sons with the Father. Here is that living and holy relationship that brings everyone together in a single embrace, to make everyone feel to be an integral and living part of the mystical Body of Christ, which is the Universal Church (1Cor 12:27), which will bring His sons to the final victory, so to lead humanity towards the final resurgence, so that Christ … – and the trumpets will blow and will be heard loud and high: don’t stop the trumpets, let them blow … – so that Christ, the only Saviour of the world, may, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, be recognized and loved, praised and proclaimed as King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev 17:14; 19:16). And so be it.